Ferrari Challenge

Better than GT5 Prologue? Video, interview and first multiplayer impressions inside

So here we bring you our latest impressions of the game, some lovely Ferrari girls to admire, pictures of the real-life Challenge cars and a video interview with System 3's CEO, Mark Cale, who explains why he feels Ferrari Challenge is better than Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Something for everyone, then.

Above: Heeeey - nice demo pod.

Ferrari Challenge's biggest asset(apart from the lovely models hired to promote it) has to be its16-player online racing. While we didn't get to try the full 16 car set-up when we played the game recently, we did get to try a four-player match over LAN – something the developer assures us will play identically to the online game (bandwidth providing, naturally). So how does it fare?

The gameplay is solid over the network – remarkably close to the offline mode. The game's handling, like PGR4, sits somewhere between real life simulation and arcade racer. As a result, you'll need to use the racing line and choose the right braking point, but also you won't be punished too badly for getting into scuffles with your competitors.

Above: The real-life Scuderia Ecosse team's Ferrari 430. It's incredibly shiny