Fantastic flops

Solid Snake, Master Chief, Mario and Luigi – every console has its poster-boys (sorry girls, the designers and marketers are still striking out on that front). But they cast a long shadow over other titles just as worthy of a look-in: especially the ones that are so different that no-one figures out how to get them into the spotlight in the first place. So spare a thought for the little guys – here are 10 that still need your attention.

Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand
On GBA | By Konami

Only Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima could convince his company to publish a GBA game with a built-in sunlight sensor, but we should be thankful for it. His vampire-hunting adventure is stylish in its own right, but it's transformed by being a portable game that you really have to play portably: your hero's sunlight gun can only be charged with real sunlight.

Even if your Boktai routine becomes something of a full-time job - frantically catching rays in your lunch hour to store for all-night play sessions – it feels like a little ray of genius.

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  • RomyNine - December 4, 2010 6:35 a.m.

    I have Boktai, Oddworld, Metal Arms and PoP... They are all awesome games... I hear there is possibly a new Oddworld going to be developed, YaY!
  • monsterhunter3rox - December 2, 2010 7:22 p.m.

    I have metal arms,lol.and it´s awesome.
  • Cromac - December 2, 2010 2:35 p.m.

    Arx Fatalis for PC or Xbox anyone? Am i the only person that played this game? It sure seems that way, since I can't find anyone that has heard of it. you guys don't even a boxshot, not to mention a review. i had it on xbox and recently bought it on Steam for a more than reasonable price.
  • LandStalker333 - December 2, 2010 1:46 p.m.

    Just bought Sands of Time and Psi Ops for £3.. Still not popular it seems
  • FrozenImplosion - December 2, 2010 1:03 a.m.

    Oddworld Stranger's Wrath is in my top three favorite games on the Xbox. Why didn't people buy it?!
  • thereaper52 - March 27, 2009 12:06 a.m.

    i loved psi ops sooooooo much especially the room that you could screw around in with all the enemies you want with infinate health ammo and psi powers why didnt anyone buy this game!?

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