Fan-made "Want You Gone" Portal 2 video is an upgrade from the original

We're making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

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Jonathan Coulton's end-game song %26ldquo;Want You Gone%26rdquo; for Portal 2 was a work of inspired geek genius. The static, orange-tinted video which accompanied it, however, was not. Thankfully, Portal fans are among some of the most creative in the video game community, and we now have a %26ldquo;Want You Gone%26rdquo; music video worthy of Aperture Science's approval.

The video was created by Portuguese Portal 2 fan Pedro 'tigerboyPT' Calvo. Describing it on hisYouTube page, Calvo says his original plan was to simply feature GLaDOS singing the lyrics, but soon expanded his creative vision, noting, %26ldquo;I realized it needed something else; then I had the idea of making those little Portal 2 style cartoons, which was quite challenging and really fun to make. I also had fun searching for the flashing pics!%26rdquo;

This is the second Portal inspired music video to come from Calvo. Back in 2007, he used Alyx Vancefrom Valve's Half Life series to homage to Coulton's first Portal song, %26ldquo;Still Alive%26rdquo;. Feel free to sing along below:

Jul 6, 2011

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