Fan-made Super Meat Boy video offers USDA approved 3D badassery

Bandage Get! adds new dimensions to Team Meat's squishy hero

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Super Meat Boy's appeal may be that he's a cute throw-back to the days of 2D platforming goodness, but that hasn't stopped one artist from envisioning Team Meat's greasy mascot as a 3D, armor-clad, eye-patch wearing maniac.

In honor of the game he calls %26ldquo;one of the best cheapest abusive relationships," artist Joseph Manalaysay (aka SteelJoe) recently crafted a short film called Bandage Get!, which depicts the sentient slab of meat with a little more...spice.

Could this be a glimpse at the next Super Meat Boy sequel? Probably not, but it's a great industry calling card for Manalaysay nonetheless. For a second helping, check out Manalaysay's complete online portfolio.

Jan 24, 2011

[Source: NikuHotai's Channel via Destructoid]

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