Fallout 4 artbook shows what Mr. Handy looks like naked

You might not think a post-nuclear wasteland would be a cultured place, but Fallout 4 is full of art. So full, in fact, that Bethesda is putting out a 368-page artbook just for the game, complete with moody environment shots, mechanical cutaways, and intimate close-ups of the citizens of the Commonwealth (which is a two-in-one for Mr. Handy, also for those creepy-yet-sympathetic synths).

Make sure you enlarge the images so you can read all the informative little text snippets about some of the decisions behind the visuals. Here's my favorite from the homemade guns page: "We approached these designs from the point of view of a resourceful Wastelander who knows nothing about guns but is trying to make gun-like contraptions." That's all well and good, but a sturdy trigger guard is just as important as a customized barrel extension if you ever plan on putting the gun down.

The Art of Fallout 4 will be available on the Bethesda Store come December 22. Fortunately, you can see it all come together before then, when Fallout 4 is released worldwide on November 10.

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