Exclusive Fatal Inertia footage

Koei's high speed, anti gravity racer has been delayed on PS3 due to "difficulties," but that hasn't stopped us strapping ourselves into the Xbox 360 version to capture this exclusive footage of Fatal Inertia's cockpit view.

Using the game's Velocity race mode we zoomed around two of the game's six locations. The first, Paradise Isle, is a lush, tropical environment set in the blazing sun and littered with exotic plants and sandy beaches. The second, Lost Canyon, is a much more barren and challenging landscape filled with huge boulders, rocky archways and a dusty, sun-baked raceway.

Due to be released this September, Fatal Inertia promises "fast-paced single and online multiplayer experiences." But you don’t have to wait until then to see what’s in store. Check out the video and see the action for yourself.

August 2, 2007


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