• Slashdotdash - January 22, 2015 12:23 p.m.

    You should give it a shot. Personally I found it to be the most unique experience of any game, and me and my friends were all very impressed with the beta. It's better than it looks and if you want some more info I would watch the livestreams on YouTube on their channel. Hope you give it a chance!
  • _--_ - January 21, 2015 10:39 a.m.

    --a few more problems i have realized this game could have 1.if the gmae doesn't sell well~the online lobbies will be EMPTY(coughtitanfallcough) --and then 2.what if the guy playing the monster quits or gets disconnected?(does an Ai take over?) --that could be BRUTAL(depending on how long you've been hunting the monster)
  • Slashdotdash - January 22, 2015 12:44 p.m.

    And yes AI will always take over in the event of disconnection. There is also a system in place to lead you back to said if you want to reconnect (I believe). Whether or not people are online keep in mind you can always do anything offline with bots, or custom matches with friends. Also you don't need to buy DLC to play with someone who did and ALL maps and game modes will be FREE. Only monsters and hunters will cost $, and the devs will balance the new characters, so no OP DLC. This however doesn't mean some characters won't be stronger than others as this may be the case, the entire game is about strategy and synergy so a potentially "weaker" character may work better in certain situations better than a "stronger" one, although balance will still be kept.
  • _--_ - January 22, 2015 2:15 p.m.

    --ok good to know --you sure seem to know a lot about this game
  • Slashdotdash - January 22, 2015 9 p.m.

    Yes, I'm on the forums and have played it. I really enjoyed it myself and will totally support it. I invite you (and anyone who may be interested) to join the forums, the developers there are great and actually talk to you!
  • _--_ - January 22, 2015 9:12 p.m.

    --i hope it scores high and sells well --im a HUGE monster hunter 3U fan --that game REALLY left me hungry for something like this
  • winner2 - December 18, 2014 9:56 p.m.

    The tagline just says there's a new monster but there's no slide with new information?
  • _--_ - December 18, 2014 12:41 p.m.

    --this game is looking better and better --monster hunter 3U was an EXCELLENT console game(and a good game to rip off~since capcom wont bring it to full~proper~home console fruition) --but --the way it was 'put together' --i think a lot of gamers might not 'prefer'(a little bit of that asian flavor that gungho~red blooded westerners tend to avoid) --looks like --they are really making Evolve into something more gamers can 'get into' --and --it just looks pretty good all around --its a bit of a rare genre --co-op monster slaying --and now with the big 8th gen exclusivity --i think this game is gonna pack a MEGA PUNCH into early 8th gen
  • shawksta - December 3, 2014 9:50 a.m.

    Games like this need the delays when its clear they arent done. Its gonna be exciting to play.
  • Shigeruken - October 9, 2014 10:10 p.m.

    Hmm. I was certain Microsoft was talking up the Evolve Alpha being an X1 exclusive. I probably shouldn't be surprised that one of their PR points has ended up being a day long head start on a three day event. I wish my console friends were open to trying new platforms...
  • Cruddi - May 26, 2014 9:03 a.m.

    Medic here I come :D
  • Jacko415 - May 22, 2014 3:21 p.m.

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? I have to go through an ad to change slides now!? Fuck off gr
  • pl4y4h - February 11, 2014 6:57 p.m.

    Maaaaaaaaaan next gen only? Aw well, guess I'll wait till i get myself a pc
  • paul-thomas - February 11, 2014 5:07 p.m.

    Looks like Doom Mixed With Borderlands
  • Stoorm - February 11, 2014 1:06 p.m.

    More monster to kill = more fun from play the game:D For me cool:D
  • ObliqueZombie - February 11, 2014 12:53 p.m.

    At the very least, it looks gorgeous. I don't like the human designs--the stylized Brink/TF2/Firefall look meshes with the rest of the game for me--but the world, textures, and that monster looks amazing. I can definitely get behind this, if my other friends do. Playing the monster would be the highlight for me, but if I had AT LEAST two other friends who wanted to play this with me, this could be an excellent time sink.
  • winner2 - February 11, 2014 12:11 p.m.

    Consider me officially excited for this, sounds like an MP I can really get into
  • shawksta - February 11, 2014 9:04 a.m.

    Looks neat.
  • Evanesco - February 11, 2014 8:28 a.m.

    Is there no aim-down-sights function?

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