Every Poke Ball - have you thrown 'em all?

You won't get far without a pocketful of these

Premier Ball

A special reward for buying Balls in bulk. Same catch rate as a regular Poke Ball.

Repeat Ball

Good for catching your second, third, fourth etc.

Timer Ball

The longer the battle, the more effective it is.

Nest Ball

Works best on low-level Pokemon.

Net Ball

For snaffling Water and Bug types.

Dive Ball

For catching Pokemon who live in the water, either via Surf or fishing.

Fourth generation

Cherish Ball
A special ball that contains Event Pokemon.

Heal Ball

Instantly restores all the captured creature’s stats.

Quick Ball

The earlier you use it in battle, the higher the chance of a catch.

Dusk Ball

Ideal for use in caves or against any wild Pokemon after dark.

Park Ball

For recapturing Pokemon from the previous games in Pal Park.

Apr 28, 2010

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