Every detail from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal: weapons, Raid matchmaking, and more

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We know way more about Destiny 2 now than we did a few hours ago. Bungie's gameplay reveal event for its online shooter sequel did not disappoint in the "so many facts" department and whether you couldn't watch or just want to take stock of all the info, it was a lot to take in. Here are all the biggest Destiny 2 details you need to know.

Destiny 2 fundamentals

Destiny 2 campaign and Patrols

  • The game starts with the Homecoming mission, which shows the fall of the Tower and the Cabal Red Guard taking over the Traveler - robbing Guardians of their Light-derived powers.
  • From there your Guardian's quest is all about retaking their home and getting their powers back.
  • Right now we know about four new areas to explore: the European Dead Zone on Earth, the moons of Titan and Io, and the Vex-controlled planetoid Nessus.
  • Each of these areas will be more fleshed out than Destiny's Patrol maps, with friendly NPCs to give you side-quests called Adventures and direct you to dungeon-like Lost Sectors.
  • You can pull up a map on-world to help you find your way and even filter for specific activities.

Destiny 2 co-op

  • There will be new strikes, Raids, Nightfalls - pretty much everything.
  • Raids and Nightfalls get a more social-focused approach to matchmaking called "Guided Games", which ties into the new Clan system.
  • Clans can open up slots in their squads for anyone to join, letting them fill out empty spots and giving lone wolves a chance to try the game's biggest challenges.

Destiny 2 clans

  • Players can form their own clans in-game.
  • Clans can customize their own banners and messages.
  • Playing in a clan will contribute to its overall progress. Yep, even your clans can level up in Destiny 2, and doing so will unlock special rewards.

Destiny 2 Crucible/PvP

  • Every (team) mode is 4v4 now instead of 6v6.
  • A new mode called Countdown puts one team on the attack and the other on defense.
  • The Crucible UI is much more informative, helping you track the enemy team's Super status and special ammo.

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