Enemy Territory: Quake Wars storms 360 and PS3

Telepathically control corpses in this drool-garnering team-based shooter coming to next-gen consoles

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You need to get a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken.Yes, after eight hours of microwaving mysterious factory-farm chicken-substance, you%26rsquo;ll almost have enough dollars to buy Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Developer id Softwareisbringing this beast to those plastic boxes you gangsters must have stolen - Playstation the third and the Xbox with more than 300 degrees.

When we played a few bouts of this team-based strategic shooter on the PC, it shattered the steel exoskeletons of us jaded cockroachian game critics. And though console multiplayer will be limited to 16 players, we%26rsquo;re still expecting wide-scale human disintegration.

So beginhoarding all those little green slips of paper that say %26ldquo;In God We Trust,%26rdquo; and maybe you%26rsquo;ll be able to trade in your regular, boring hand for a new shiny hand like this:

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