New Earthworm Jim figure is extra groovy and bendy

90s mascot gets reborn for the toy-shelves of the 2010s

Amid all the buyouts and IP leveraging and so forth that make up today's games industry, it's worth remembering the days when a developer was nothing without a sass-talkin' mascot to rep their wares. Some such creatures displayed so much 'tude as to outlive its original parent company – such as Earthworm Jim, the power-suited loam-burrower who, even after the passing of Shiny Entertainment, continues to occupy a place in players' hearts, consoles and toy collections.

This fully-articulated EWJ figurine measures up at 6” – which ought to be about a 1:1 scale, except that we're talking about a game that thinks a worm is about the same size as a bird or a cat or a cow or a refrigerator. So let's not get too far into that. Supplied with an alternate “bendy” suit, in deference to the “Earthworm” bit of the character's name, it's arguably a more faithful tribute than Playmates' long-defunct toy line – and has the added bonus of being available for purchase from Mezco Direct come July of this year, priced at $17.00.