E3 08: Final Fantasy XIII - The Fanboy Fury

So, Final Fantasy XIII is multiformat... A bombshell no doubt, but one that's surely good for the gaming community at large. More release platforms means more players means more happy people, right? Well no. We have a lot of unhappy people at the moment. This guy might be faking it for laughs, but his performance isn't far from the truth.


Sony fanboys are suicidal/homicidal, Xbox fanboys are gloating with not a second's care for dignity or grace, and BLOCK CAPTIALS and bad grammars iz breaking out all over the place. We trawled PS3Forums and and dredged up some of the messiest casualties of this particular war. All entries are published as originally written, and unlike in a real war, feel free to laugh at their pain.

PS3 Forums

Arimax: "This is truly Bullsh**. Sony has got to do something that sucks bad. MS doesn't deserve that game at all."

Daz: "Thats why it has taken so long to dev. I wont be picking it up anymore. All the multi-plat games have sucked"

Ishimaru Kaito: i'm about to have a ****ing fit this is such ******** i am very very pissed off WHAT DID SONY DO TO PISS THEM OFF why did they back stab Sony now this is really becoming a ..........................****

GamesRadar: This is really becoming an incoherent sentence?

knowledge4life: what kinda ******** is that. now i gotta get a ****ing watered down version of the greatest rpg . are you kidding me. wow SE just lost my purchase. i hope they burn in hell.

Daz: "This entire show was about stealing. They stole the Miis from Nintendo, Singstar, Banjo looked like LBP, The new OS looks like an Ipod, and they copied HOME as well. Then they announce this crap. How about you come up with your own ideas for a change M$."

Heavenly_King: "FU$K!!!. Sony needs to begin paying them hard because it looks like MCRAP is paying them a lot. COME ON SONY THROW SOME MONEY SO FFXIV IS AN EXCLUSIVE DAMNIT!!"

clean515: "Dont blame Square enix... All they do is trying to make as much money as possible, blame sony for being lazy ***** who dont want to pay for exclusive rights."

neojubei: "Sony is pending all their money on killzone 2 thats why. really wtf!!!"

Phaded: "Personally I think this will be a shadow of the game we know it could of been now, my favourite game of all time is going to be limited to the space of DVD and then ported over to PS3. Well they can **** the port I aint being shafted."

GamesRadar: You're right. The 360 has a processor made of cheese and uses Doritos as a storage medium. FFXIII will now be four minutes long, have 8-bit graphics, and you'll have to sing the soundtrack yourself from a sheet of music in the box.

clean515: "Sony just killed ps3 with not signing a exclusive deal with SE, if sony doesnt announce something really good i will sell my ps3 and buy a 360 when i'm finnished with metal gear.. Guess what i dont care about resistance 2 or killzone."

Complexis: "The only reason why I got a PS3 was mainly for XIII. This is totally unacceptable. Every go spam Square Enix. PS3 officially has NOTHING for it."

counterproductive: "You have to commend MS's speed though - they've pushed their stuff out pretty fast. Compare that to Home, which Sony continues to fund, when they could be spending their money on securing exclusives ie. this thread."

npejaver: "i bet thr'll be a FF7 remake announcement tomorrow... to appease sony fans.."

GamesRadar: Silver lining search mode activated.

SILVER13ACK: "I won't buy it if it's muli-platform."

GamesRadar: Yep, that's a sure-fire way to catch rival fanboy illnesses, that is.

One-Shot: "Oh noes! Now more people will be able to play the game!"

Complexis: "Full Scale Invade:

Sony needs to give the response tomorrow 'We have talked with Square Enix and have officially secured FFXIII as an exclusive once again through negotions and it will no longer be offered on the 360.'"

GamesRadar: Silver lining mode overdrive initiated.

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  • D0CCON - February 28, 2010 10:37 p.m.

    This was the first GR article I ever read. It still is my favorite and it is why this site has become my favorite go-to site. Thanks GR, no other site has as many awesome articles/features as you guys.
  • sourmoomoo95 - October 29, 2008 1:18 a.m.

    stupidity is human nature having somthing someone else wants but cant get makes stupid people feel all fuzzy inside and the stupid virus is spreading....
  • Cogglesz - October 12, 2008 2:25 a.m.

    yeah i don't see the point in all the fanboy stuff, i own a 360 and and a wii, was loyal to sony until they fake cg graphic gameplay vids they showed at the 05 E3 (I Think it was 05 i aint to sure) its good things are going multiplatform it just means more people can enjoy it and that means more money for SE which means better games in the future for both 360 and ps3 owners, but then again if ps3 were to die then there would be noone to bitch about whats better, and whats more fun than seeing both xbox and playstation fans fight over a game, i think we should just all unite put the money and power together to make some super console but we all know that will never happen, i will be getting a ps3 soon anyway because im a huge GT fan and MGS fan, but what else would i get it for in the first place ?, i wouldn't really worry about the ps3 right now, its got a good 10 more years life in it and i'm sure somthing new will pop up some time, the 360 is only winning the console wars at the moment because there is a hell lot more choice in games and it is dead cheaper than the ps3, i got my 120gb elite for the same price i'd get a 40 gb ps3, give it a couple more years and soon the prices will be even, and there will be exclusives for ps3 that really kick ass and the same goes for xbox 360, it was like the ps2 got a headstart and kicked ass but then it equaled out in later years it is just like that but the 360 got a headstart, i believe all these developer company's are doing a great thing in multi-platforming because the more money the better the game will be, it is up to the companys (Microsoft & Sony) to get there finger out there ass and give some cash, the ps3 isn't doing very well at the moment, some even think it will die but i know for sure it will not die, just like the original xbox, it will come back and hit hard with something amazing and lower priced consoles.
  • Wizrai - September 7, 2008 3:41 a.m.

    This people is crazy. If they were actual fans, they would be happy since it will help the company develop. I'm an ex-user from Xbox, I switched to PS3 and to be honest, I don't care about exclusives since they are great hits wasted in a lower audience level, in general, console wars are extremely useless and it's a thing that makes my eye bleed when I read how dumb people can be.
  • charley235 - February 25, 2009 11:45 p.m.

    i came up with the solution... SHUT THE F*** UP YOU PS3 FANBOYS WHO GIVES A DAMN IF IT ISNT EXCLUSIVE, PLUS NOW I DON'T HAVE TO SPEND A SHITLOAD OF MONEY ON A PS3 FOR MY FAVORITE GAME FRANCHISE EVER!!!!! ...oh dammit god of war 3 is exclusive why?!

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