E3 07: WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2008 - hands-on

We toss Triple H around the squared circle in this simplified grappler

Alternately, getting a firm grip on your opponent lets you walk him over to the turnbuckle, at which point you can slam him against it, hop up on the ropes and rain down punches with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, a la Wii Sports' boxing. And once he falls over, it's a simple thing to climb up the turnbuckle, flick the remote and send your wrestler sailing elbow-first into his chest.

Possibly the most interesting part are the taunts, however; hold down the Nunchuk's C button, and you'll be able to pantomime your wrestler's put-down of choice. During our demo, this was limited to Triple H's crotch chop (chop the remote sharply downward) and John Cena's weird "can't see me" wave (wave the remote sideways in front of your face), but there'll no doubt be dozens of unique, mostly useless moves to learn depending on what the final roster looks like.

The demo we played was extremely limited, and we're not sure yet what we think about the Wii version's scaled-back approach; at this point, it's not even certain if you'll be able to drag your opponent out of the ring for some of the environmental beatdowns that SvR 2007 made possible. Even so, we're interested to see what else developer Yuke's can do with the Wii controls as the game gets closer to completion.


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