Dynasty Warriors 6

Nov 20, 2007

The defining moment of any Dynasty Warriors comes the moment the numbers begin flashing on the screen: DING! “300 enemies defeated!” DING! “500 enemies defeated!” and so on until all the little red dots are wiped out, and invariably you and a couple of generals remain. Not the deepest of games, but fun nonetheless.

Times are changing with Dynasty Warriors 6; it seems Koei isn’t content just to keep on churning out gaming’s equivalent of a gopher hunt with hordes of enemies merely lining up to be knocked down. There are new ideas afoot that could revolutionize the series, and dare we say, add some much needed depth to the Dynasty Warriors mix.

The body count is safe. That’s a keeper. You’ll still get to hack ‘n’ slash your way through waves of troop fodder in a bid to dominate a map, but now new tactical options will be available from the start. The biggest addition comes in the shape of wall assaults and castle breaches. You’ll need to use everything an ancient Chinese warlord would have on hand, including battering rams, catapults and crossbows - firing thousands of arrows during the heat of battle in a 10km radius.

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  • Auron - February 18, 2009 9:15 p.m.

    I'm so getting this game tomorrow. *FIRST YAY!*

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