DS Lite in the pink

Wednesday 23 August 2006
Pink is obviously this season's hardware colour, as hot on the heels of Sony's pink PS2 and PSP announcements comes Nintendo's contribution - the pink DS, available in the UK from 27 October.

If you're the type who'd be too embarrassed to wield the designer-chic white original Lite in public, it's not exactly a colour scheme to overcome your inhibitions. But as Nintendo is pitching the pink DS to "find a happy hope in the most stylish of bags" and playing up the Touch! Generations line with it - Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nintendogs and Dr Kawashima's Brain Training - it's perhaps more of a play for a different market.

Above: Japan got the Noble Pink DS back in July and now UK gamers will be able to enjoy the handheld's candy hue when it's released in October 


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