Sponsored: Dishonored trailer dissection

Once past the guards, Corvo peeks in on a private conversation between his target and a senior guard. He evidentially doesn't like what he sees and hears, because he sees fit to use his newfound magical powers to shatter the front door in a trillion pieces, announcing his arrival. The chase is officially on!

The cowardly aristocrat hides behind his guards, but they're no match for Corvo's lethal combination of physic powers and expert combat skills. The guards open fire but with a click of his fingers, Corvo freezes time, leaving the bullets dangling impotently in mid-air. He steps out of harms way, fires a series of strange looking bullets at his adversaries' throats, and then turns the time tap back on again. Choking noises are all the applause Corvo needs to hear.

"Killing me won't solve anything", cries our target. Less than a second later, Corvo slits his throat with an enormous sword. Hey, it didn't unsolve anything, right?

Proving that he's not all about stealth, Corvo makes good his escape in about the least stealthy way imaginable - by crashing through a giant window pane and following that up by thundershocking a couple of patrolling Tall Boys. He may as well have let off a few streamers too while he was at it.

And with that, the scene fades to black. It's one of the best trailers we've seen in a long, long while, and it earmarks Dishonored as being one of the most ambitious freeform games of this generation. Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments section below.