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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Cheats

  • Etna Mode From Start

    Etna mode is a hidden mode. To unlock it, read every chapter of Etna's diary... or enter the following code at the title screen, with "New Game" selected:

    Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle Square, Circle, X
    Submitted by rox

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Hints

  • Endings

    Bad Ending - Defeat the Item God on the 100th floor of a legendary item.
    Dark Assembly - Persuade by Force 100 times in the Dark Assembly
    Etna Heroine - Kill 100 or more allies before Episode 5's Ice Queen Battle then choose to kill Maderas.
    Flonne Tradegy - Kill 50 or more allies before Episode 3 and the Lavish Hall battle. Choose to Kill Hoggmeiser.
    Good Ending - Beat the game without killing allies
    Midboss Ending! - Lose to Midboss in your first encounter with him.
    Overthrow Earth - Clear human world
    Submitted by Samus Disgageous
  • Etna Mode Endings

    Beauty Tyrant Overlord Etna Ending - Pass the proposal for Alternate Netherworld and The Mysterious Seal in the Dark Assembly, then move on by defeating Priere, Marjoly and lastly Baal.
    Normal/Default Ending - Beat the story normally by finishing the last chapter in Etna mode.
    Submitted by Samus Disgageous

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Unlockables

  • Unlockable Classes

    Angel - Female Cleric, Knight and Archer all at level 100 or higher.
    Archer - Level 3 or higher in Bow Weapon Mastery.
    EDF Soilder - Level 30 or higher Gun Weapon Mastery.
    Galaxy Mage - Level a Prism Mage to Level 50.
    Galaxy Skull - Level a Prism Skull to Level 50.
    Knight - Female Warrior and Female Mage each at level 10 or higher
    Majin - Male Warrior, Brawler, Ninja, Rogue and Scout all at level 200 or higher.
    Ninja - Male Fighter and Male Warrior with a total level of 10 or higher.
    Prism Mage - Level a Star Mage to Level 35.
    Prism Skull - Level a Star Skull to Level 35.
    Rogue - Both Fighter and Warrior, Males or Females, each at level 5 or higher.
    Ronin - Female Warrior and Female Fighter with a total level of 10 or higher.
    Rune Knight - Female warrior and female magician both lvl 10
    Samurai - Total lvl of 20 with female warrior and female fighter
    Scout - 2 Fighters/Warriors, Males or Females, each at level 5 or higher.
    Star Mage - Get 1 Fire,Ice and Wind Mage and level all 3 of them to level 5.
    Star Skull - Get 1 Fire,Ice and Wind Skull and level all 3 of them to level 5.
    Strider - 2 warriors/fighters both lvl 5 or higher
    Thief - Fighter and warrior both lvl 5
    Submitted by Samus Disgageous

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More Info

Release date: Oct 30 2007 - PSP (US)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Strategy
Published by: NIS America
Developed by: Nippon Ichi
Franchise: Disgaea
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Animated Blood, Suggestive Themes, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language