Developer's Commentary: World in Conflict

Dec 3, 2007

World in Conflict is an immersive mother of a real-time strategy game, making players team up tactically to solve objectives in small skirmishes, eschewing micromanagement of all kinds. We managed to get Massive CEO Martin Walfisz to drop the bomb on the game. You can also check out our review of the PC version. The Xbox 360 version is set to come out in February. 

Scene setter
Walfisz: “We were thinking about our next strategy game in 2004, and realised we had a really great idea in World in Conflict. We’d done the science-fiction setting with Ground Control, and so we thought we’d do a contemporary war setting. We thought about basing it around World War II, and more modern combat, with terrorists and the Middle East, but those are both overdone. Then somebody suggested the two superpowers - the Soviets and the USA - and the more we started talking about it, the more sense it made as a great ‘What If?’ scenario. It really lends itself well to a strategy game, as typically you want to have at least two equally balanced factions - and with the addition of NATO, it was fairly easy to skew them to be equally powered.”

Real deal?
“I’d say in terms of visual style WIC is all authentic. We have quite a few military buffs in the company, and the art team got heavily involved in researching materials. We actually sent teams to Russia and America to get us photos of various museums and monuments to make the whole thing as authentic as possible.”


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