Deca Sports

Hudson's minigame decathlon

Everyone loves Wii Sports, and in Japan - where it isn%26rsquo;t bundled with the console - it has sold in excess of a squillion copies, or thereabouts. The latest contender in the quest to outdo Nintendo%26rsquo;s motion-sensing masterstroke, Deca Sports has gone for the %26lsquo;bigger is better%26rsquo; approach - it%26rsquo;s packed with 10 fully fledged sports games, and if it plays as good as it looks, it might be a great value.

The list of events: volleyball, snowboarding, badminton, basketball, curling, figure skating, archery, supercross, soccer and kart racing. Hopefully they learned a thing or two from the horrid curling and figure skating inWinter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge.

It%26rsquo;s all exclusive to Wii, 100% motion-controlled, and includes training minigames and multiplayer action. The only negative point to add is that it appears to use %26ldquo;fake%26rdquo; Mii%26rsquo;s instead of the real deal. Anyway, look out for this one in the summer.%26ensp;

Feb 13, 2008

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