Dead Rising

All of these things require an environment to contain them, and while it may not be the most original of concepts, Dead Rising takes place in a typical American shopping mall. As a photojournalist named Frank, players cruise through the mall decimating the hordes of slobbering, crustified deadwalkers while helping trapped still-alives along the way.

In addition, Dead Rising employs a unique real-time system, so even when you have Frank hiding in some hopefully-safe broom closet, the zombies outside carry on their plotting (to the extent that zombies can plot at all). This real-time feature has another interesting side effect, however; as time progresses the zombies get more powerful and even the difference between day and night come into play as the zombies gain strength and speed as daylight wanes.

Promising a fast-paced splatterfest with many disgusting yet innovative ways to gut foes, Dead Rising will challenge you to hang on to your cookies this spring ... if you can survive that long! Mwa ha ha ha!