Darksiders - first look

How does War get the job done? With big armor and a big sword. He can teleport from place to place, swing the sword mightily - including causing spikes to shoot out of the ground and damage his enemies. Combos rain down, of course, in furious flurries of sword strikes. Whether those combos actually feel any good is still a major question, as we weren't allowed to get our hands on the game. Guns are also available - earthly, demonic and angelic weapons are all strewn around the world, in fact.

It's not just about conventional weapons, though. In one instance, War used a Jedi-like force pull to summon a nearby wrecked car towards him. Then he launched the car at an enemy. Being a Horseman, of course, you'll need a horse. You'll earn it later in the game - and then be able to work your horse into combo attacks. We can't wait to see how the hell that works.

Still not convinced the game owes a debt to Zelda, given the mature stylings? You'll traverse eight dungeons - getting a piece of gear in each one that lets you solve its puzzles. Hrmm. That sounds familiar. Given the quality of the Zelda series, though, if these boys are doing their homework, it could all work out fine. But those are some big boots to fill, so we're going to have to wait and see if it can even come close.