Dark Sector exclusive movie

Sept 13 2007

Dark Sector, the weird Resi 4-a-like where your hand is also a razor-sharp boomerang of death, is predictably pursuing a plot line of odd science and dark experiments. And, as this fresh video illustrates, some of the chaps you'll meet will be odd scientists in dark places. Nice.

Seriously, though, Dark Sector looks nice. It's got vicious weapons, bio-mechanical man-machine goodness and lots and lots of high-tempo action in gritty East European locales. All you need for a love-in with the missus, then.

We've been hands on with the game, and found it a satisfyingly demanding actioner with a nice twist. That twist being the aforementioned hand-slash-blade. As it gears up for a launch in early 2008, we'll no doubt see deeper into Dark Sector's murky world very soon. For now, here's the trailer:


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