• Fitter89 - November 8, 2012 9:26 a.m.

    What definitely is in the cube is a choice. The choice to share it with the world or keep the secret and forever have a giant trolllolol face. You could fuel the next greatest gaming conspiracy theory.
  • JarkayColt - November 8, 2012 9:39 a.m.

    Oh dear lord, I don't know why but the T-shirt idea just seemed amazing. It'd be a simple question of whether the person would be proud enough to wear it or not or just see it as embarrassing. Also, if you were caught wearing it you'd have to face the ire of everyone who helped chisel said cube (because, y'know, they're SO jealous of your totally radical T-shirt). It actually sounds hilariously feasable. Also, it's doable even if it isn't the reward at the center. I do wonder though how they're gonna work out who actually gets to the middle first. There's going to be mere fractions of FRACTIONS of a second difference :/
  • PoisonWar - November 8, 2012 10:31 a.m.

    A gif of a seed growing into a tree.
  • DoubleLedgeTakedown - November 8, 2012 11:02 a.m.

  • edward-duffy - November 8, 2012 12:01 p.m.

  • GutFunk - November 8, 2012 12:50 p.m.

    Black and White 3
  • taokaka - November 8, 2012 1:57 p.m.

    I think Peter Molyneux himself will be in the box.
  • SketchLemon - November 8, 2012 2:45 p.m.

    The disappointing prize in the cube will be on of Molyneux's signature apologies, this time for prize in the cube being disappointing.
  • Imgema - November 8, 2012 6:55 p.m.

    And what if Gwyneth Paltrow's head is indeed the answer? Or any of your picks? Thanks for the spoilers GR!
  • J-Fid - November 9, 2012 2:46 p.m.

    A diploma.
  • Apastron - November 10, 2012 5:39 a.m.

    The nude photos of Molyneux that leaked onto the internet briefly about four years ago.
  • gazzc - November 11, 2012 6:24 a.m.

    Honestly, i'm just gonna go for a big stack of money. That's what is going to be inside.
  • xx_CaPTiiN_SpAiiN_zz - November 11, 2012 5:23 p.m.

    i liked the bit about a doritos advert lol. maybe it could be something to do with blops 2 inside the cube?? we will know soon i hope.

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