Crysis - hands-on

Bernd says that if they’d realized just how insanely hard full destructibility was going to be, they wouldn’t have even tried. But now that they’ve done it, everyone who plays Crysis has a hard time going back to anything else. Things just don’t feel like they’re made of wood unless they snap the way they do in Crysis. And it’s so darkly satisfying to shoot the base of a tree you suspect a soldier’s hiding behind, then nail him in his shocked face while he scans for alternative cover.

At some point before you reach the crashed alien craft, its inhabitants activate an on-board weapon that freezes the entire island to make it more habitable for them (they come from a subzero world, naturally). This is what they’re planning to do to the whole planet, and if the effect on this island is anything to go by, it will highly suck. The tropical paradise turns into a surreal Siberia, and the aliens come out in force now that they can roam more comfortably. Your team regroups to cope with the alien onslaught, hostilities with the Koreans are dropped in deference to the greater threat, and you press on to the craft itself as a team.