Crackdown - Exclusive Intro to the Shai-Gen Corporation

Yet the most unsettling thing about Shai-Gen and the Corridor is the existence of one Dr. Baltazar Czerneko and his Institute of Research. To be more precise... the doctor's perpetually blood-splattered smock and the Institute's population of genetically distorted, ape-like prisoners.

Who are these scientific mishaps? What about the street security, with their face-shrouding hoods? Those masks could be protecting physical enhancements... or physical disfigurements.

And how are you, another genetically enhanced experiment, any different from these poor freaks?

Form your own conclusions - or simply new questions - by watching the revealing video hidden behind the Movies tab above. You'll want to launch the video player and then choose the one titled "Crackdown - Shai-Gen District 01-31-07."