Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity - hands-on

Oct 15, 2007

When we think of Cartoon Network, a dozen other shows jump to mind before Code Lyoko - and none of them have video games of their own. But the little French anime series that could has bagged a Nintendo DS game and is now onto the Wii with Quest for Infinity. For those of you too caught up in Adult Swim to notice a school-child soap opera, here’s the rundown: a group of five friends attend boarding school in the “real” world (2D) and periodically jump into the “Lyoko” world (3D) to fight raging hormones and a megalomaniac digital enemy named X.a.n.a. So, Reboot meets Saved by the Bell, sort of.

Gameplay is mostly platformer combined with some space shooting and mad fan service. There’s almost no interaction with the 2D world besides the main menu screen and the fan art competition bonus section. The level menu is in Lyoko itself, represented by a series of little globes that you enter to complete the level. Completing a level opens up more globes and you can progress up and down the helix-shaped map towards boss battles or “copy” levels which were created by the evil X.a.n.a. To get between certain clusters of globes, you’ve got to complete space-shooter levels which are actually pretty challenging as opposed to mind-numbing.


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