CoD: Black Ops 2D is a free time machine to the 90s

It's a basic truth of progress that the more videogames change, the more the formula of “shouting manly-men wearing khaki and blowing the shit out of each other” stays the same. Thus it is that a fully-playable 2D demake of Call of Duty: Black Ops turns the big budget shooter into a top-down run-and-gunner that breaks the game down to basics.

The demake, which can be downloaded from ModDB, is a mod for free-download shooter CS2D, a fan-made 2D version of the original Counter Strike. There's an earlier attempt at the same idea, which re-imagines the title's zombie mode as a platformer, but this one has the added advantage of not looking like total shit – which is nice. Have you tried the top-down Black Ops 2D? What do you think of it?

Jun 13, 2011

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