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.../......Shivering Isles Walkthrough........../
../...............By elsquanto................/


1.00 - Version History
2.00 - Introduction
3.00 - Main Quest Walkthrough
-----3.01 - "A Door in Niben Bay"
-----3.02 - "Through the Fringe of Madness"
-----3.03 - "A Better Mousetrap"
-----3.04 - "Baiting the Trap"
-----3.05 - "Understanding Madness"
-----3.06 - "Addiction"
-----3.07 - "The Lady of Paranoia"
-----3.08 - "The Cold Flame of Agnon"
-----3.09 - "Ritual of Accession"
-----3.10 - "Ritual of Mania"
-----3.11 - "Ritual of Dementia"
-----3.12 - "Retaking the Fringe"
-----3.13 - "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper"
-----3.14 - "The Helpless Army"
4.00 - Side Quest Walkthrough
~~Crucible Quests~~
----4.01 - "Ushnar's Terror"
----4.02 - "Final Resting"
----4.03 - "A Liquid Solution"
----4.04 - "Brithaur"
----4.05 - "The Antipodean Hammer"
~~Bliss Quests~~
----4.06 - "Falling Awake"
----4.07 - "The Antipodean Hammer"
4.00 - Contact Info/Legal Stuff

./1.00 - Version History/

4/12/07 - Added a bunch of Side Quests

4/06/07 - Made it look pretty, added a bunch of more parts to the main quest

3/31/07 - Added half the main quest, a bunch of side quests.

3/26/07 - Faq began, very small things, details only how to get into Shivering

./2.00 - Introduction/

As of now, this guide details most of the Main Quest, but doesn't cover many of
the Side Quests.

Shivering Isles.... what is it? Well for one, it is the first "true" expansion
to come to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This expansion is huge and of epic
proportions. It is 25% of the already huge game map. It's the daedric realm of
Sheogorath, the prince of madness. The environment reflects that to such a huge
scale. Mushrooms blossoming up out of the ground, creatures that defy every
aspect of everything, just simple crazedness. And that's only the Fringe

You'll quickly find that Shivering Isles is full of choices, whether choosing
to become Duke of Mania or Duke of Dementia, or to put a sword on the
Gatekeeper instead of a Mace. Eventually, you will have your own unique
experience, so play through twice...

Downloading Shivering Isles is easy, simply go to the Oblivion tab in the Xbox
live marketplace and look for the one which costs. *Note: When I searched new
releases, Shivering Isles didn't come up, so I would just look in the "All
games" section.

Starting later, the retail version of Shivering Isles will become available at
your local electronics store.

./3.00 - Main Quest Walkthrough/

---3.01 - A Door in Niben Bay---
Quest Giver: The Voices in your head
Reward: Entering Shivering Isles

The first thing you will notice after you download Shivering Isles is the
longer load times, don't worry, they won't stay like this for long. You don't
need to start a new character for Shivering Isles, your old save file will
suffice. Load it up, and there it is... nothing. You're going to have to wait a
day or so (in game, thankfully), to get a quest indicator for Shivering Isles.
This will simply say, "I heard a rumor that a strange doorway has appeared on a
small island in the Niben Bay, I should go investigate."

And that is how Shivering Isles begins. You have an option of staying in your
nice, peaceful, relatively calm Cyrodill... or you can be like the cool kids
and get to that island. If you do plan on going to the island, it's smack dab
in the middle of the Niben Bay, I'd recommend fast traveling to the stables
next to Bravil, then just swimming directly to the... very... odd.... island.

As you get on the island, the trained eye might spy new alchemical ingredients.
The untrained eye will at least see the giant face shaped portal looming in
front of them. There will be a rather angry guard standing in front of the
gate, and he's not about to let anybody in. But just after he's done warning
you about the dangers looming inside, a dark elf named Delmyne Drelette will
pop out, screaming obscenities about not going back, and then flipping out on
the guard. The guard, being an unkillable character in full armor, will kill
him no matter what.

After, you can talk to the guard, who will explain the madness of this
incident. He is supposed to be guarding the door and not letting anybody in. He
warns you that everybody who has gone in, has either not returned, or come back
crazy, like that poor dark elf which the guard just got done murdering. If you
insist upon going in, he'll grant you entry, despite his job being to stop
people from doing that exact thing.

It may take a few tries to "enter" the portal, Sheogorath may yell a few times
that you're not worthy and some crap like that, but don't listen, be
persistent, and keep trying. Eventually, he'll let you in.

You should now be in a small room with a man named Haskil. He'll beckon you to
sit. Take a moment to ponder the small pendulum toy on his desk for no reason,
then talk to him. He'll tell you his role, as the Chamberman to lord
Sheogorath. He'll also give you the oppurtunity to leave. Please, waste the
2400 microsoft points you spent to buy this? I think not. Say you would like to
enter, and he'll walk over to the other side of the room and seemingly leave.
After a few akward seconds of nothing happening, the room will dissolve into a
bunch of... butterflies?

You just got your first achievement just by doing this. It's called "Pilgrim"
and worth twenty points.

---3.02 - Through The Fringe of Madness---
Quest Giver: Haskill
Reward: Really getting into the Isles

Remember the moment you first began Oblivion. You walked out of the sewers, and
saw this huge land in front of you, and you thought, "What do I do!?" Here is
that feeling once again, only this time, it will have a much more "wtf?" spin
on things. The landscape is very hilly, there are trees with mushroom tops for
heads, and everything seems spun on its head. Before you become too daunted by
this spectacle, get something to keep you busy, such as exploring.

After a few moments of walking, you may encounter a new creature. I found a
nice plump one with a small club myself. Afterwards, head on down to the town
nearby. This place is called "Passwall", and it's just full of people who want
to get into the rest of Shivering Isles, but are waiting to pass the
Gatekeeper. Already, you can see some of the crazy NPC's in this bizarre realm.

Ask any of the NPC's about the Gatekeeper, and they'll beckon you to come
watch, he's about to kill some adventurers now. Then they'll start running, way
up to the area in front of the gates. The gatekeeper is in the middle of a
group of knights in full steel armor, and in about thirty seconds, totally
destroys them all. The last one, the Orc Adventurer Captain, will flee in

Now, if you took the time to check out that huge, hulking mass of body parts
which seems straight out of Resident Evil, you may be slightly scared to fight
such a creature. You can fight it normally, but it's easier to kill him with
one of the quests. Even your journal will recommend you go back into Passwall.

The way I got in, I first spoke to a nice redguard man in Passwall, who said
that a man named Jayred thinks that he knows how to defeat him. Go and talk to
this Jayred character, and boy is he a character! This man will mention how
good things look without the skin on them, and you may have noticed the skulls
littering the ground. Yes, this man is obsessed with bones. He says that the
only way to defeat the gatekeeper, is to shoot it with arrows from its own
bones. Flawless Logic!

He says that there is a skeleton of an old gatekeeper in the Gardens of Flesh
and Bone, but he can't pick the lock, that's where you come in.

He'll ask you to come with him, and he'll start running very fast towards the
Northwest, towards the gates to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. He'll wait for
you to pick the lock, (very easy), lol. Jump in, and some other creatures may
attack you, skeletons of other monsters and even people.

After you've cleared the garden of enemies, Jayred will stoop over and grab
some bone from the skeleton, then he'll tell you to meet him in a few hours
when the bone arrows are ready. Wait the neccesary time, and after an hour or
so, go to his house. He should have them ready and invite you to fight the
gatekeeper with him.

Fighting the gatekeeper shouldn't be too much of a problem after this quest. He
went down after three arrows with me and Jayred's combined firepower, then I
fought him again and destroyed him with nothing but a fire enchanted weapon.

After you defeat the gatekeeper, remove the keys from its corpse and wait for
Haskil to come. He'll ramble on about the glory of Shivering Isles and detail
the lands, and also tell you that Lord Sheogorath wants to see you. He'll then
leave you alone, you now have the choice between entering Dementia and Mania,
the two lands of Sheogorath, this is really where the classic Oblivion feeling
kicks in. Have fun!

---3.03 - "A Better Mousetrap"---
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: None

Your first objective in Shivering Isles is to walk to the exact opposite side
of the map from where you entered. This will give you the oppurtunity to check
out your surroundings and explore a little bit. I checked out a few caves, and
even the Hill of Suicides, before I went on to trecking. When you do finally
reach the city of New Sheoth, you can eneter through either Crucible or Bliss,
it doesn't matter. Climb up the lofty stairs on either side in order to enter
the palace area. This is a courtyard, and the actual palace is across the way,
with a Dark Seducer guard and a Golden Saint flanking the entrance.

Enter the palace, on the throne you'll find the god himself, Sheogorath, with
Haskill standing over him. Talk to Sheogorath, who will explain the story. He
wishes you to stop Jyggalag, the ruler of the Order, from proceeding with the
Greymarch. His first goal for you is to head to Xedilian, where Sheogorath
sends the trespassers to his realm. He will give you the manual to Xedilian and
a nifty device called the Attenuator of Justice.

Head over to Xedilian, it's on the Southern side of Shivering Isles. Your goal
is to activate the Resonator of Judgement (ignore the similarity to Gears of
War), by placing three focus crystals in their slots. Both the crystals and the
slots are scattered throughout the ruin. Enter the ruin via the bridge in
front, and you'll find out this entire place is filled with Grummites. These
are stout little creatures, the equivalent of goblins in Shivering Isles. When
you come to your first metal grate, there is a push block on the wall near you
that you may want to press. You'll reach a room with more grummites this time,
and one of them is shooting lightning, oh no!

The lightning shooting one is the shaman, and she is normally surrounded by a
couple of her buddies. Engage the small grummites first, and keep them in
between you and the shaman, using them as shields for the Shaman's attacks.
When you finish off her helpers, charge her and finish her off. Take her staff,
you'll find the focus crystal on top. There should be a torch like object
nearby - activate it in order to place the focus crystal, which will open the
gate nearby for further exploring. After a hallway or two, you'll find a push
block right in front of you. Make sure you have some health before pressing
this one, as it will drop you into the level below.

The next shaman is very close, repeat the process used on the first shaman to
advance even farther in the ruin. Go through a large room, kill some more
grummites, and you'll find a door into a lower section of the ruin,"Halls of
Judgement". The Shaman you will encounter in this zone will have Chameleon, so
look for air distortions in order to discover her. Eventually, you'll find the
Resonator of Judgement.

---3.04 - "Baiting the Trap"---
Quest Giver: Kiliban Nyrandil
Reward: Explorer's Loot, Dawnfang/Duskfang

After activating the Resonator, take an immediate left and enter the
conveniently placed portal. You'll find yourself face to face with a man named
Kiliban Nyrandil. If you haven't read the manual of Xedilian yet, Kiliban, the
dungeon's caretaker will explain its purpose. The dungeon is meant for taking
care of trespassers, and you'll be the one taking care of them.

Go to each station, where you will either choose death or madness for each one
of the explorers. At the first zone, you can decide whether to have them
attacked by a swarm of snarl's, or make the small snarl grow giant. When one of
them is either dead or insane, take the portal to the next zone. Here, you can
decide to fill the room with keys, driving one of them insane, or just burning
the guy outright. Either way, the last one, a warrior, will continue. He'll go
into a room full of zombies. You can either awaken the zombies, or give him an
"out of body" experience.

When you're done, Kiliban will offer you your "well earned" reward. A focus
crystal, various posessions of the explorers, and the Orc's sword. This sword
is known as either Dawnfang or Duskfang based on whether it is night or day.
The sword levels with you, and gains power every time you kill someone. But,
the power of the sword will leave you when converted to its alternate.

When you try to leave, you'll be attacked by three Knights of Order, they
shouldn't be too hard to kill, especially with your new friend
Dawnfang/Duskfang. After their defeat, talk to Kiliban, who will give you the
task of telling Sheogorath that the knights have returned.

---3.05 - "Understanding Madness---
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: Summon Haskill spell

Go back to your pal Sheogorath, who will brush off the issue about the Knights
of Order as not a big deal, and will offer you a new ability that you should
have a lot of fun with. He gives you the ability to summon Haskill. When you
summon Haskill, he won't fight, lest he cause any damage to the fine clothes
that he wears. Sheogorath will have you practice summoning him a few times,
which is quite funny actually. Sheogorath will warn you not to summon him
outside of the realm, and then he'll finally give you your mission.

You are to speak to both Thadon, the Duke of Mania, and Syl, the Duchess of
Dementia, and see if they have anything for you to do. Speaking to Thadon will
give you the quest "Addiction", and Syl will give you the quest "The Lady of

----3.06 - "Addiction" ---
Quest Giver: Thadon
Reward: None

Finding Thadon shouldn't be too difficult, he will either be at his throne, or
in his conservatory painting a pretty picture. Having a conversation with
Thadon will be difficult. He is addicted to mind altering substances, not much
of a surprise after seeing his garden. He will have a long winded conversation
which heads pretty much nowhere for a while, but eventually, he will task you
with finding a chalice to cure his addiction to a drug called Felldew.

It's impossible to get a coherent location on where to find the Chalice from
Thadon, so talk to one of his advisors. I spoke to the Argonian next to him,
who promptly gave me the location after a bit of persuasion and a charm spell.

The chalice is in Dunroot Burrow, north of New Sheoth. Take a nice walk there
and enjoy the scenery, or fast travel. The cave door cannot be opened until you
ingest some Felldew, luckily, you can find some on the Elytra right outside.
This will open a membrane which previously blocked the entrance.

This dungeon is very long, difficult, and complex. I would make sure to have
plenty of potions, repair hammers, and anything you would get before a hard

Consuming the first batch of Felldew will give you an addiction to the
substance, which you will need to deal with until you reach the Chalice.
Felldew addiction works like this. After you consume it, it will boost your
attributes for a while, about a minute (real time). After it expires, you will
get a message saying that the Felldew is wearing off, and you will return to
normal. After a little bit more waiting, you will start to suffer withdrawal
symptoms, which will decrease your attributes. You will fall into deeper and
deeper withdrawal until the lack of Felldew begins to drain your health.

To stop this decline in stats, you will need to ingest more Felldew, feeding
your addiction. These can be found on Elytra throughout the cave, signified by
their greenish glow. The Elytra with Felldew inside them will not attack you at
the same time that you are on Felldew, so they will be nonhostile at the
moment. My suggestion is to only consume more Felldew when your attributes are
drained to the point that you become over-encumbered.

The dungeon itself is quite complex. The first level poses no difficulties, but
the second one will give you a choice of three paths, where the ones on the
left lead to amber and the one on the right leads you even deeper into the
dungeon. In the next level, which is basically a maze, just go straight to get
farther in, the other hallways lead to decent loot, as well as more Elytra and
traps. In the final level, the door is blocked by branches, so take the long
looping path around on the right.

In the bottom is a door actually built by people. There will be Felldew addicts
in this room, as well as the Chalice. Kill the addicts, grab the Chalice, and
leave. Note that in this room you can find more Felldew, which is worth 25
gold, a pair of wrist irons, and some mild loot. Take the door on the right,
which will lead you directly outside.

Out here, you'll find your first active Obelisk. This spawns Knights of Order,
which you have fought before. There is also a Priest of Order, who respawns.
Attempting to enter the priest's inventory while he's "dead" will result in
shock damage. In order to defeat the obelisk, place three hearts in it, which
can be found on the bodies of the Knights of Order that you kill.

--- 3.07 - The Lady of Paranoia ---
Quest Giver: Syl
Reward: None

Finding Syl can be a bit harder than Thadon. She will sometimes lock herself
away in a room in the back of the palace, but when she's not there, you can
find her in the Torture Chamber, or sitting at her throne with her two
advisors. She will give you the title of Grand Inquisitor, your task being to
capture all of the spies plotting to kill her. She will also have her advisor
Herdia be your torturer.

What to do? Start talking to people about "conspiracy". If they claim not to
know anything... torture them. If they really don't do anything after three
torturings, then Herdia will urge you to stop. They won't know anything.

Who to torture? I began with the redguard advisor to Syl, who, after a bit of
torturing led me to Anya. Torture her, and she'll say that a khajiit named
Ma'zahdda tried to recruit her to kill Syl. This guy can be found in Crucible,
most of the time within his house, or the church. Talk to him, and he will
claim that he will not give himself up unless you have proof of the plot.

Now, there will be no target to torture, so go out among the citizens. Most
won't know anything, but a few, notably the owner of the weapons store
"Cutter's Weapons", will know that Ma'Zahdda meets with a Dark Seducer named
Nelrene every night. After midnight every night, the pair will meet behind
Ma'Zahdda's house underneath a balcony. You'll need to eavesdrop on their
conversation, so send Herdia away and sneak into the corner on the balcony that
overlooks their conversation spot.

The conversation is very revealing, and will be enough to speak to Ma'Zahdda
again. (Nelrene won't say anything). He will fess up, and tell you to meet him
in his house the next day where he will have proof of the conspiracy to give to
you. Surprisingly, it's not a trap! However, he will be dead, slain on the
floor of his house. Search him for the key to his cupboard, which is upstairs.
In the cupboard, you will find a note and Nelrene's ceremonial sword. Reading
the note will grant you enough evidence to pin Muurine, a high elf who lives
across the street. When you speak to her, she'll confess.

Go back to the House of Dementia, where Syl will have Muurine killed in the
torture chamber.

--- 3.08 - The Cold Flame of Agnon
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: The Raiment of Arden-Sul OR
The Raiment of Intrigue

Sheogorath will finally tell you what he really wants. He wants you to stop the
Greymarch, and kinda become him. He does have a problem he needs dealt with.
The Flame of New Sheoth has burned out, and you need to go get it back. He
warns you to leave his minions alone.

This fort is way in the Northwest of the Isles, and is filled with Golden
Saints and one Dark Seducer. The Golden Saints and Dark Seducers do not have
good opinions of eachother. You'll eventually learn that the Golden Saints are
planning an attack to get the flame from the Mazken (dark seducers).

You can choose to either help the Dark Seducers by defending against the
attack, or you can scout ahead for the Golden Saints and warn them to attack
through the Underdeep. Both commanders want to defeat their rivals, and you can
help either side. The battle is actually quite epic, and after you annhilate
the side you picked against, the leader of your side will sacrifice themselves
in the altar.

To retreive the flame, go back to the surface, where you can walk into the
flame in order to "capture" it. After you grab it by stepping into the pyre,
proceed back to New Sheoth and enter the church. You have the option of giving
the flame to either Mania or Dementia. Both priests will offer you a reward for
putting it in their side.

Arctus, the Nord priest, will offer you the Raiment of Intrigue if you light
the fire for Dementia. This Raiment gives you boosts in Sneak, Security, Speed
and Luck, so I would advise that all stealth based characters light the fire
for Dementia.

Dervenin, the Wood Elf in the hood, will offer you the Raiment of Arden-Sul.
This will give you Intellegence, Shield, Resist Paralysis, and Willpower. I
would advise that all mages or warriors pick this raiment.

After placing the flame, you can carry it from one side of the temple to the
other, giving yourself a boost. Not leaving the flame in the temple will allow
you to run around on fire for as long as you want. Fun =).

---- 3.09 - Ritual of Accession
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: Becoming a Duke/Duchess

Before wasting the walk all the way to the palace to talk to Sheogorath,
realize that he is right there in the Chapel. He wants you to take over the
position of Duke for either Madness or Dementia. There is only one problem with
this; there are already people in those positions. Speak to both priests about
the Ritual of Accession (how to take the position) of the Duke and Duchess,
both involve killing the current one.

When you've made your decision on which side you would like to be Duke of, talk
to Sheogorath. You may want to save beforehand, allowing you to get both

---- 3.10 - Ritual of Mania
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: Become a Duke/Duchess AND
Ring of Lordship AND
Diadem of Euphoria

In order to perform the Ritual of Mania, the current ruler must overdose on
greenmote, a potent drug which will kill in three doses. This quest requires
lots of sneaking, and resembles many of the Dark Brotherhood quests. The Priest
of Mania, Dervenin, will tell you to bring back his blood.

You can start out by talking to some of the townspeople about "Thadon", and
they will probably point you to Wide-eye, Thadon's argonian servant. She can be
found in the conservatory reading, or in Thadon's court, or sleeping... in the
same bed as Thadon's other servant.

Use speechcraft, charm spells, or bribes to raise her disposition high enough
and you will be able to inquire about her daily routine. Most of it is
pointless, but she will say that at noon, she runs a "special errand", and at
8:00, Thadon dines. Make sure to ask about Greenmote, and she will say that
"All the jokes and gold in the world won't convince me to tell you where that
is". So much for disposition.

The only way to find out is to follow her. Wait until about 11:30, and track
her all the way from the Conservatory to the palace grounds, where the
Greenmote Silo is hidden behind a secret statue. Make sure you've stocked up on
invisibility potions, chameleon, etc. before entering.

You'll enter a cave, and after a bit of walking, you'll have three possible
choices as to which path to select. I would recommend the path on the right, as
I encountered no guards while walking through there. The other two paths will
lead to Golden Saints. Make sure you stay right throughout the entire cave,
hiding in shadows and not getting out of sneak mode.

At the end, you will come to a door. Within the door, you'll discover Wide-eye
doing something by the desk, and a HUGE pile of greenmote lying before you. You
only need two samples however. On the desk in the back of the room, you can
find some good alchemy equipment as well as samples of unrefined greenmote.

You can just run out, as the greenmote does not count as stolen property. The
Golden Saints will arrest you, but you can simply pay their fine. The only
downside to this is that the alchemy equipment as well as any plants you
harvested while in the Greenmote silo do count as stolen, so you'll lose those.

After you have the greenmote, your next task should be the private quarters.
Enter through the locked door in the back of the conservatory, and be careful,
as there are more golden saints in here. Take a left at the entrance, and the
food and drink that you need to poison are all the way on the left, passed two
Golden Saints. You can either sneak by or kill them, killing them only gives
you a bounty of 5 gold.

Either way, in the last room, go to the tray of food and activate it to poison
it, and find the largest wine bottle, and poison that too. Now the deed is
done, so exit the private quarters, go sit down at Thadon's table, and wait for

Thadon will sit down and begin to eat, then he'll get up and start talking. He
mentions how wonderful he feels tonight, and then he will begin to recite a
soliloquy he wrote. Halfway through the soliloquy, he will clutch his heart,
and die. Go over and take his blood, as well as his nice crown, and head on
back to the temple.

Here, you must put his blood on the altar, which will immediately catch on
fire, and the preist will pronounce you duke of Mania. This ceremony will be
interrupted by Syl however, who will run in and say that the Knights of Order
have taken over the Fringe, and that she is sick of Sheogorath. She threatens
that you haven't seen the last of her, and walks out.

---- 3.11 - Ritual of Dementia
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: Become a Duke/Duchess,
Ring of Lordship, Nerveshatter

Becoming the Duke of Dementia requires assassinating the current ruler, your
good old friendly Syl. She, unlike Thadon, has grown weary of threats because
she fears that Sheogorath (correctly) wants her replaced. Go speak with her
court, whom you can persuade to help you.

Talk to both Anya and Kithlan, who are both tired of Syl. They will offer to
help you kill her. Anya will distract the guards, and Kithlan will give you the
key. Upon entering the private quarters you will be confronted by Mazken, who
will attack you on sight. Syl has escaped through the tunnels. She really
doesn't feel like dying today apparently...

Activate Shegorath's statue to enter Xirethard. Stay close to the walls to
avoid the spells being thrown at you, and keep going through, killing every
Dark Seducer you come across. Finally, you'll reach Syl. Kill her, take her
heart and her nifty warhammer, and go back to the temple.

This causes the exact opposite thing to happen as last time. Thadon comes in,
upset at the death of Syl, and promises to join the enemy.

---- 3.12 - Retaking the Fringe
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: None =(

This quest is heavily dependent on whether you  chose to become Duke of Mania
or Dementia. Travel back to the Gates of Madness, and re-enter the Fringe.
You'll find it completely taken over by that crystally obelisk stuff.
Everything has changed, so if you bothered to explore all of the Fringe before
entering the Isles, guess what? You're doing it again!

The keepers of the Fringe will be either Dark Seducers or Golden Saints
depending on whether you picked Mania or Dementia. Whatever the case, the
guards will be under attack by Knights of Order. Jump in and help your comrades
finish the Knights, and speak to whoever is in command.

The Commander will ask you to command the troops. You can either have them
stand their ground, go on the flank, or stand back with a bow. You can have up
to six troops depending on which ones survived the initial wave. I used two
swordsmen, two archers, and one other saint to stand ground, and did
surprisingly well. You can hold your own ground, there is no need to depend
upon your allies.

The enemies will attack in three waves. They shouldn't be too difficult to
kill, so long as you have any allies at all. After your forces have shrugged
off three waves, speak to the commander again, who will tell you her plan. The
plan is to sneak into the ruin of Xedeffen and deactivate the Pillar in the
middle of Passwall. Which really means: You need to sneak into the ruin of
Xedeffen and deactivate the Pillar in the middle of Passwall.

Xedeffen is across a mini-lake, where there is a small maze to find the
entrance. Upon entering, there will be one knight, as well as a priest. If you
suck at lockpicking, no worries, because the priest apparently does too, and he
has a key.

Most of the Knights in this ruin will attack in groups of three, or two with a
priest. It shouldn't be difficult, but if it is, don't forget that you can
always summon a Golden Saint or Dark Seducer. Enter the Great Chamber, and you
will find Shelden, the redguard from Passwall. He'll mention his story, then he
will join you in the fray.

Your next step should be destroying the Obelisk. Have Shelden and possibly
another summon distract the Knights while you place hearts of order, (which you
should have been collecting from all of the knights you killed), into the
obelisk. Three hearts is the magic number. Placing three will cause the room to
begin to collapse, looks like you need to find a new way out.

The good news is, the way out is very linear and without a lot of enemies. The
bad news? The entire ruin is collapsing around you Metroid style. Tread
lightly, as pillars, ceilings, and statues cave in where you walk. There are
knights in here as well, but they seem to like being crushed under falling

Make your way out of the ruin, and you will be told to go back to Sheogorath,
they're still amazed that you're still alive.

---- 3.13 - Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
Quest Giver: Sheogorath...yet again
Reward: Various Powers AND
Summon Flesh Atronach greater power

Sheogorath will have another task for you when you return. He has the idea of
building a new gatekeeper so that you won't need to sacrifice golden saints to
hold The Fringe. It's not as easy as it sounds. He doesn't have a
"build-your-owm-gatekeeper" kit lying around, so you'll need to travel to the
ruin of Xaselm, which is conveniently located near the Gates of Madness. Ask
Haskill about it before you leave, and he'll take the pleasure of enabling you
to fast travel there.

Xaselm is filled with the new mean scary undead of Shivering Isles. You'll
discover Skinned Hounds, which are very fast and extremely resistant to poison.
You'll also come across flesh Atronachs, which are very nimble and flexible
walking zombies. There are also Shamblers, which resemble giant walking
dinosaur skeletons, and normal skeletons. I've found power attacks to be the
best defense against any of these, especially when combined with fire for the
flesh atronach.

Either way, this ruin is extremely linear. Apart from one subcave in which you
might find an enemy or two, it's pretty much a safe path. Any gate that you
come across can be opened by a switch directly next to it. In a few places,
there will be statues which shoot spells at you, so stay near the walls and
behind cover to minimize damage.

There are a few interesting notes to read in this ruin. Relmyna has apparently
done some expirementing, and you can take a glimpse onto what she was trying to
figure out, whether it be replacing somebody's blood with frog blood or taking
off one of their arms to see if they would fight harder. All for science of

When you reach her, she'll tell you off for killing the old Gatekeeper, but
after a while, she'll agree to make another. However, she will need some
ingredients first. She needs you to find four things from the Gardens of Flesh
and Bone. She'll even give you a nifty key so that you don't need to survive
Xaselm every single time.

Osseous Marrow
Dermis Membrane
Essence of Breath
Blood Liqueur

Make your way to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone, the entrance to the ruin part
is right across the courtyard. Be careful as you walk in, as there's more
falling rocks. You have map markers to each of the ingredients, which should
make them easy to find. Some branches will open before you, others require
nifty switches that look like plants.

Osseoous Marrow is in the Conservatorium Corposculum, on a balcony in the
southern part of the zone. It looks kind of like an oversized Shambler.

Dermis Membrane is in the same zone. Walk over the log bridge and jump down to
skip a lot of fighting.

Essence of Breath is in the Caverns of Susseration. When you first enter, you
may walk on top of the green arrow, but the actual ingredient is a few levels
below you. Do you see that eery green mist? Follow it. This part of the cave is
filled with hungers, and they're going to try and sap your agility. As long as
you don't let them do that, they'll be incredibly easy to kill. When you reach
the Essence of Breath, wait for the vial to fill up before taking it. There's a
boss "stump" nearby.

Wound Bled Tears is at the bottom of the dungeon. In order to access the room
that it's in, you'll need to push three blocks on the small tomb in front of
the door. Each block will spring a different trap, so jump out of the way once
you push them. Then, wade across the pool of blood to grab the ingredient.

Return to Relmyna, who will tell you to go select the parts of the gatekeeper.
Turns out there WAS a kit all along. Choose wisely, as the choices you make
will have an effect later. After creating the gatekeeper, you can activate it
to get a special power from the gatekeeper. You can only have one of these at a
time, but don't fret, you can always return for a new one.

Here are the powers you can get from the gatekeeper, choose the body parts to
get the power... You can choose one head, one torso, one pair of legs, and two
arms - one weapon and one defensive.

Angry Mind - Fortify Willpower 20 pts for 60 seconds
Helm of Power - Fortify Strength 20 pts for 60 seconds
Breast of Life - Fortify Health 100 points for 60 seconds
Breast of Magic - Fortify Magicka 100 points for 60 seconds
Legs of Nimbleness - Fortify Agility 20 points for 60 seconds
Legs of Fortitude - Fortify Endurance 20 points for 60 seconds
Heart of Spell Turning - Reflect Spell 20 points for 30 seconds
Heart of Wound Sharing - Reflect Damage 20% for 30 seconds
Arm of Fire Shield - Fire Shield 20% for 60 seconds
Arm of Ice Shield - Frost Shield 20% for 60 seconds
Arm of Shock Shield - Shock Shield 20% for 60 seconds
Arm of Slashing = Fortify Blade 20 points for 60 seconds
Arm of Chopping = Fortify Blunt 20 points for 60 seconds
Arm of Bashing = Fortify Blunt 20 points for 60 seconds

Relmyna will then lead you to the Fringe, right to the Gates of Madness. She'll
give you ques to keep putting in new things. All you need to  do is walk into
the scary pool of death to place them. She'll ramble on with plenty of
metaphors and things that don't really matter, and once she summons a flesh
Atronach to sacrifice itself in the pool, it will be done. The pool will
explode, and you will gain the ability to summon a Flesh Atronach once a day
for 60 seconds.

Then, you'll be done. Some knights of order will come, and you can watch the
Gatekeeper totally annhilate them. Just like his papa. Return to Sheogorath to
announce the good news.

---- 3.14 - The Helpless Army
Quest Giver: Sheogorath
Reward: Golden Saint/Dark Seducer Armor AND
Summon Golden Saint/Dark Seducer greater power

Before Sheogorath can finish congratulating you, either a Golden Saint or a
Dark Seducer will enter, depending on whether you chose Mania or Dementia. The
Golden Saints want you to go help out at Brellach, to the North East, and the
Dark Seducers need help at Pinnacle Rock. Both missions are pretty much exactly
the same.

Basically, go in there and kick some Knight of Order ass. That's all it is. You
have some Dark Seducers/Golden Saints on your side. Whenever you see a crystal
barrier, look for a chime nearby to break it. The commander will be trapped
inside one of these barriers. She'll agree to help out, so start moving again.

However, as soon as you leave, the Dark Seducers/Saints will freeze and you'll
be left alone for the rest of the ruin. Luckily, it's very linear. When you
reach the end, you'll see the Wellspring, (that's your goal), stopped up by
crystals. There is a chime in each corner of the room. You need to have them
all ringing at the same time to break the crystal. You can ignore the enemies,
because as soon as the crystals are broken, your allies will rush in and
destroy the remaining opposition.

They'll give you two things, the armor of the faction you helped out, and a
spell to summon one of them to aid you. Now you can summon both a Golden Saint
and a Dark Seducer, though not at the same time.

./4.00 - Side Quest Walkthrough/


Crucible is on the South side of New Sheoth, and it is led by the Lady Syl when
you enter. The entire place is kind of dark and dreary, but there is plenty to
see. I would check out the Museum of Oddities, a very fun tour to take. The
local Duelist Club, which takes place on the roof of one of the houses in town,
is another sight. Cutter's weapons is here, and you can forge Madness Armor

---- 4.01 - Ushnar's Terror
Quest Giver: Ushnar
Reward: A Pet =P

You can find an orc named Ushnar walking around Crucible with his pet dog and a
Khajiit named Bhisha chasing him. Ushnar HATES cats, but Bhisha continues to
follow him, because he loves dogs, especially Ushnar's. Ushnar has a real
problem with this, and he wants you to make Bhisha "dissapear".

You can do this in quite a few ways. You can either kill him, pay him 100 gold
to leave town, or, if you've finished the main quest, you can simply tell him
to leave without any trouble. As a reward, Ushnar will give you a dog, but not
just any old dog...

You can also complete this quest by breaking into Ushnar's house and stealing
his dog food. Take the dog food and give it to Bhisha, which will result in
Ushnar and his dog both attacking the Khajiit.

---- 4.02 - Final Resting
Quest Giver: Hirrus Clutumnus
Reward: Ring of Happiness

Hirrus is kind of suicidal. You may find him creeping around town, although he
spends most of his time standing on the high walkway of Crucible near the
entrance to the New Sheoth Palace just looking off into the distance. Talk to
him, and he'll tell you to meet him by the sewer grate near Sheogorath's
statue. This statue is right at the entrance to Crucible from the Realm of

Hirrus wants you to kill him. Yes, you. He doesn't want to wind up like the
people on the Hill of Suicides, so he wants to be murdered. He doesn't want
anybody to see you do it, and he wants to be taken by surprise.

By far the easiest way to do this is to go speak with him on his perch. He'll
say how sometimes he just wants to "fall" off of the walkway, at which point
you get the option, "This is your lucky day [Push]"

Go ahead and push him. The Dark Seducer who stands right next to you won't
mind. In fact, she'll say that it "happens all the time" (They should really
put a railing up). Now, walk down to his body and take the key to his house.
The jewelery box is upstairs, and it contains a Ring of Happiness. Take the
ring and read his "suicide" note, and appreciate the irony.

The Ring of Happiness is enchanted with Feather, Light, Water Walking, and
Fortify Personality.

---- 4.03 - A Liquid Solution
Quest Giver: Sickly Bernice
Reward: Circlet of Verdure

There's an inn near the entrance to Crucible. It's right in the middle of the
intersection in the middle of town. In here, there is an innkeeper named Sickly
Bernice. She is rather ill, and wants you to find the "ultimate cure" for her.
That cure is known as Aquonostrum, and it's found at the bottom of Knotty
Bramble, a cave in the Southern part of Shivering Isles.

The cave is very linear and filled with Grummites. The first zone is very easy,
and in the second zone, all you need to do is jump into the pool at the bottom.
You will recieve a quest update saying that you have the solution, and now you
can leave and head back to Crucible. However, if you're interested in getting
the Hill of Suicides mini-quest done, you can kill two birds with one stone and
head into the last zone. More to come on that quest in the next update.

When you go back to Crucible, Sickly Bernice will give you a ring known as the
"Circlet of Verdure", which gives you Resist Disease, Resist Poison, Fortify
Health and Fortify Endurance.

---- 4.04 - Brithaur
Quest Giver: Earil
Reward: Gold

You'll hear around town that Earil has a problem with Brithaur. Naturally,
you're first instinct is to go ahead and meddle in everybody's affairs, so go
ahead and speak to Earil about it. He'll first recommend to freeze you and
preserve you forever, but you can't say yes, sadly. Rejected, Earil will ask
you if you can get rid of Brithaur.

Brithaur is a very bad theif, bad in that he keeps getting caught. Speak to
Brithaur (you may need to increase his disposition), and he will tell you that
he needs five flawless pearls, then he will stop stealing things for good.

You now have three options. Kill Brithaur, (preferrably in his house), Bring
him five flawless pearls (found all over the place, no set location), or if you
are far enough in the Main Quest, you can just get him thrown into a dungeon.

No matter which you pick, speak to Earil afterwards to get your reward: a hefty
sum of gold.

---- 4.05 - The Antipodean Hammer
Quest Giver: Cutter
Reward: Madness Armor(heavy)

Speak to Cutter in Cutter's weapons, located right next to the Museum of
Oddities, and she will offer to forge you some Madness Armor. All you need to
do is find some Madness Ore for her to forge it out of. Madness Ore can be
found on Grummites, or in chests or Madness Veins. The strength of these items
depend on your level, and can be any one of these (weakest to strongest)

(no prefix)

Very Fine

Bring her a matrix, and she will enchant your item. The enchantments on weapons
are random, while the enchantments on Armor is not (see table). The strength of
these enchantments depend on your level.

; (Item)            (Price)        (Enchantment);
; WEAPONS       Madness Ore Needed              ;
; Madness Arrows(25)    1             Random    ;
; Madness Axe           2             Random    ;
; Madness Longsword     3             Random    ;
; Madness Bow           2             Random    ;
; Madness Claymore      4             Random    ;
; ARMOR                                         ;
; Madness Cuirass       5    Fortify Strength   ;
; Madness Greaves       3    Fortify Endurance  ;
; Madness Boots         2    Fortify Athletics  ;
; Madness Shield        2    Reflect Damage     ;
; Madness Helm          2    Fortify Willpower  ;
; Madness Gauntlets     2    Fortify Blade/Blunt;

*This is an unfinishable quest

~~~~BLISS QUESTS~~~~~~

Bliss is really the opposite of Crucible. Nice and bright, not nearly as
dreary. There are more beggars however, and it doesn't seem as bustling as
Crucible. Either way, it's my favorite.

---- 4.06 - Falling Awake
Quest Giver: Amiable Fanriene
Reward: Burst of Might scroll

You can find Fanriene sneaking around Bliss. Speak to him, and you'll find out
that he is paranoid (what else is new?) about walls attempting to kill him. You
read correct, Fanriene believes that the walls are conspiring against him so
they can see him dead. He will ask you to find him a new place to sleep,
obviously outside, completely out of reach of walls.

Go speak to some townspeople, who will tell you that Uungoy has a nice place
(bedroll), and that maybe he would be interested in trading with Fanriene. You
may need to raise Uungoy's disposition a bit, but eventually, he will agree to

Fanriene will give you the scroll "Burst of Might", which is perfect for a huge
battle. It fortifies your strength and endurance 100 points and has the effect
of 100% shield also.

---- 4.07 - The Antipodean Hammer
Quest Giver: Dumag gro Bonk
Reward: Amber Armor(light)

This quest is nearly exactly the same as the one in Crucible, except that you
receive Amber armor instead of Madness. Amber Armor is light, and the material
needed (amber) can be found in Amber Veins, stumps, and on the bodies of
Gnarls. The same rules apply for Matrices and strength, though some things are
slightly different.

(no prefix)

Very Fine

; (Item)            (Price)        (Enchantment);
; WEAPONS        Amber Needed              ;
; Amber Arrows(25)      1             Random    ;
; Amber Hammer          4             Random    ;
; Amber Sword           3             Random    ;
; Amber Mace            2             Random    ;
; Amber Bow             2             Random    ;
; ARMOR                                         ;
; Amber Cuirass       5   Fortify Agility       ;
; Amber Greaves       3   Fortify Speed         ;
; Amber Boots         2   Fortify Acrobatics    ;
; Amber Shield        2   Reflect Spell         ;
; Amber Helm          2   Fortify Intellegence  ;
; Amber Gauntlets     2   Fortify H2H & Marksman;

*This is an unfinishable quest

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