Call of Duty 3

At its best, when you're peering down the sights of your rifle, the Wii-mote is more responsive than sticks and less hyperactive than a mouse, making it about as realistic a shooter controller as you can get - short of playing with a lightgun. We always knew it would work well with shooters but it feels especially at home in CoD3 when you're crouching in cover (squeezing the Nunchuk trigger changes stances), picking off German snipers across a bombed-out street.

Above: While it's not particularly helpful to strike this pose when sniping, even using the Wii-mote normally you'll get the same sensation

You'll find yourself furiously concentrating on lining your targets up - even though it's not actually that difficult - and it really feels like there's a sense of weight to the Wii-mote... er, even though it's not actually that heavy. Trust us: it's punchy in a way you won't expect, and the ability to twist the Wii-mote to lean out in that direction will have you hunching forwards on the sofa with your breath held like all the best sniper duels in war flicks.