Box Score: The Podcast 001

We’d like to introduce the newest weapon in the GamesRadar podcast arsenal – Box Score. Hosted by Richard Grisham, Box Score aims to look deep into the sports gaming world by speaking at length to the people who make, impact, and influence the titles we play.

Over time, Box Score will dive into every area of the sports pool. Sometimes we’ll chat with developers about how their vision went from the whiteboard to your console; other time we’ll do retrospectives about some of our favorite sports games of the past. Whether it’s football, hoops, racing, hockey, baseball, tennis, rugby, or anything else, we’ll bring people from inside and outside the business behind the microphone for long-form interviews that won’t be rushed. After all, getting to the heart of the matter takes time.

Our goal is to talk to interesting, informative people who are as passionate about sports as we are. If we hit the mark, it won’t matter if you’re a big sports fan or not. A good interview is compelling no matter what the subject, so long as real people are being honest about their craft.

In our first episode, Richard Grisham speaks with two key people behind EA Sports’ revival of the beloved NFL Blitz franchise. The guys chat about how the new NFL Blitz became a reality, how important it was to keep the old-school vibe, and the challenges that come from rebuilding a classic game today’s sometimes-difficult  environment. Enjoy!

Post date: January 18, 2012
Podcast length: 50:39

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