Boogie - Hands-on

We're starting to feel some heat from this dance fever

Instead, Boogie seems to me more a sort of strange, disco-tinged marionette show. You move the Wii remote left, right, up and down, sometimes pressing the A button to shift to a different set of moves, and your onscreen dancer does all the hippy-hippy shaking, moon walking, and move busting. And that's a little strange.

But now that we've actually gotten our hands on the game (and now that it actually keeps score) we see potential here. Each of the five "Boogs" from which you choose can be modified with tons of different clothes. You want a green-haired babe in a cowgirl outfit? Here you go. If you decide you'd rather control a giant blue guy in a white Travolta suit, or a crunky little yellow alien dude, we have those too.


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