BlackSite: Area 51 - hands-on

Our main character's mortality also made us feel vulnerable. The aliens we faced had surprisingly oppressive firepower, forcing us to duck behind concrete pillars and cower under window sills just as often as we rushed forward firing. And even those concrete pillars can't last forever, thanks to the game's massive destructibility feature, which causes most anything in the environment to be slowly worn down and obliterated by gunfire. Luckily, BlackSite: Area 51 gives you a Rainbow Six Vegas-like squad of two "secret" soldiers (just don't call them Men in Black), who you can order to attack a specific enemy, or just open a specific door, for you.

In addition, the developers we talked to promised that the final game would play on fears other than extraterrestrial invasion - immediate, present day issues like terrorism and shifting weather patterns. It will be interesting to see if an action game can pull so many heady and sensational topics together into one satisfying package, but we're looking forward to seeing them try. The game ships for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this summer.