BioWare's mystery project gets a few seconds of mystery footage from mystery VGA trailer

Tanks exploding all over the place

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First, BioWare teased its big VGA announcement with an explosive image that looked straight out of Uncharted. Now, they've released a short video that seems to tap into Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. Next? We're guessing it shows a character gliding through a dark city, or wielding a gun that allows him to shoot portals in walls to travel through space. Also dragons. We think there might be some dragons.

And Zeldas.

Well that doesn't reveal much. So, what do you think it is? An action-RPG war game? A Silent Scope reboot? A super-futuristic Dragon Age? Whatever it is, initial impressions are fairly... generic. Granted, BioWare's record is nearly spotless, so here's hoping it doesn't squander its talents on a Tom Clancy clone, except... wait, this reminds us of something. We wrote this exact same article last year! BioWare did the same thing almost exactly 12 months ago – they showed off a short clip of a guy in a tower and we all went crazy trying to figure out what it was! And then it ended up being a bloody Mass Effect 3 trailer! Oh, BioWare, your marketing ploys are so unoriginal. 

Check back post-VGAs for more information on whatever it is BioWare is bringing to the show. We're putting our money on it being a super-futuristic Dragon Age...wait, dammit, there we go speculating!