Those that have been following Bioshock as closely as we have might possibly find themselves experiencing an emotion completely at odds with the ethos of Irrational’s organic, totally unscripted adventure FPS. You might find yourself a bit bored of it even. For the last year Irrational have been greedily guarding its game, only allowing us to see a select few elements of gameplay. And although we love the Big Daddies, they were starting to feel a bit familiar. It felt like we knew everything there was to know. It felt like we could tell just by looking at them what they had for breakfast. We were starting to wonder if this was a one-trick pony. Until now.

We finally saw more of Bioshock, with a recent Microsoft presentation providing details on new enemies, new allies and more specifics on how Bioshock’s revolutionary “gene-splicing” RPG system works and operates. The only drawback is: the ecology of Bioshock ’s waterworld is so fragile that the behavioral patterns of Rapture’s latest inhabitants aren’t completely final, and thus Microsoft has requested that the media who were present are not to report on specifics just yet.

What we think we can comment on is how superb and fluid it looks. One of the new gene-splicing moves we saw in action required the flesh in our man’s arm to literally rip open, with a vomit-inspiring amount of bone and vein on display. But before the upchuck reaches your tonsils, the whole wound seals itself back up again in one seamless, beautiful motion.


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