Battlestations: Midway - multiplayer hands-on

Even when splitting duties, though, you can't lose sight of the overall war and the tactical objectives that could best be tackled together. When we were preparing to send a particularly important ship into danger, for instance, we would ask our partner to assign some of his planes to circle and protect it. And when he was having difficulty keeping a group of dogfighters down, our submarine came to the rescue and sank the air carrier those enemy planes called home. Communication is key to victory.

We don't intend to make Battlestations: Midway sound confusing or overwhelming. If anything, being in control of so much is empowering. When you and your comrades win the war, you'll feel like you really won it. Not just played a part, but orchestrated the whole damn thing. Trust us, it's rewarding.

Battlestations: Midway is scheduled to launch on January 30. Until then,click here to check out our multiplayer screens, or go to the Movies tabto watch the custom footage. Launch the video window and look for "Battlestations: Midway - multiplayer 12-20-06."