Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo are about to battle for your shelf space

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Animal Crossing got not one, but two new games in 2015, which of course meant a line of amiibo was right around the corner. At E3 2015, Nintendo announced that its popular life sim will see nearly a dozen of its iconic characters immortalized as amiibo, which can be used with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for 3DS and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival on Wii U. No word yet on if Nintendo will add amiibo compatibility to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, though.


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Release Date: November 2015 (US)


This sleepy alpaca looks more awake and alert than he's ever been in Animal Crossing: Leaf, and now the grumpy co-owner of your town's second-hand shop Re-Tail can glare at you at all times from your desk. Cyrus is available exclusively in the Animal Crossing 3-pack.


Thanks to her new plastic form, your mayoral assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf can now forever be by your side. She might be a little absentminded, but she's always ready to help budding mayors get her town running smoothly. Isabelle comes exclusively bundled with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.


Half of the team that owns the Able Sisters tailor shop, Mabel is much cheerier and pleasant to talk to than her sister Sable. She'll ring you up with a smile, but hides some details from her past that are actually kind of depressing for such a cheery little game.


Lottie is a brand new character to the Animal Crossing franchise, and will make her first appearance in Happy Home Designer. Not much is known about her just yet, but it looks like she'll play a large role in the game, possibly as your assistant - so of course she gets her own amiibo.

K.K. Slider

There are few characters in video games as effortlessly cool as K.K. Slider. The carefree pup has appeared in every Animal Crossing thus far, playing a wide variety of tunes on his acoustic guitar. Sometimes, he even moonlights as a DJ at Club LOL. He's truly a musician of the highest caliber. K.K. is available exclusively in the Animal Crossing 3-pack.

Tom Nook

Tom Nook is the character everyone loves to hate. He's a necessary evil, granting you the loans you need to build on and expand your house. But he's also the digital personification of the never ending cycle of debt in our lives - but hey, at least he'll hook you up with a job! Indentured servitude is legal, right? Anyway, let his amiibo serve as a constant reminder that you probably owe him a lot of money in your copy of Animal Crossing.


The other, more conscious half of Re-Tail, Reese is your go-to contact whenever you need to buy or sell anything. She's even got the current turnip value handy, if you're looking to try your hand in Animal Crossing's version of the stock market. Reese is available exclusively in the Animal Crossing 3-pack.


Digby is Isabelle's brother, and runs the Happy Home Showcase in New Leaf. He'll walk you through the various homes you've Streetpassed with, and will offer to sell you replicas of just about any item you see. Considering his role with the Happy Home Showcase, he'll likely play a significant role in Happy Home Designer. Digby comes exclusively bundled with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.