Alone in the Dark - interview

Is that really the same Edward Carnby from the original 1920’s game - and also how did he get that nasty scar?

Polloni: Yes, it is the same Carnby and how he got the scar is one of the things you’ll learn while playing. You can imagine Carnby being none too pleased waking up nearly 80 years later with a grisly scar across his dashing features, but he has other things to worry about which stop him rushing to the nearest cosmetic surgeon!

AITD’s been a long time coming - since you announced it both Resident Evil 5 and Silent Hill 5 have been announced. Scared?

Polloni: We don’t think of ourselves as competitors since we’re offering a much broader experience now with Alone in the Dark. Of course I’m not saying we don’t want fans of these games to want to play our game too. But staying true to what the first game achieved [means] Alone in the Dark is going to innovate again and stand on its own.

How do you balance all the dazzling new technology and rock solid gameplay?

Polloni: Technical innovation can sometimes blind you to the all-important “is this game fun to play?” factor, but every innovation we’ve implemented has added to the experience. Now we’re at a stage where we can see how the game actually plays and with the testing taking place we’re making sure we haven’t lost sight of the goal: to entertain. You can do clever things you never did in a game before, and have fun doing them.