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Susan Arendt: Managing Editor (US)

On the Radar: Susan worked as an editor for more than 15 years before deciding that editing soil science encyclopedias and safety standards wasn't how she wanted to spend her days. She wrote for 1up and Wired before moving to The Escapist, eventually becoming EIC. From there it was off to Joystiq, where she introduced readers to the glory of micropigs and created the memorable character of Domestic Samus. Now she wrangles the wordsmiths of GamesRadar+, watches a lot of British television, and is very bitter that Sega has yet to release Phantasy Star Online 2 in the US. Ask her about the frog assassins sometime.

First Gaming Obsession: Adventure on the Atari 2600

Pro Tip: Don't underestimate the importance of joy in your day to day life.

Follow Susan on Twitter: @SusanArendt

Louise Blain: News Lead (UK)

On the Radar: Louise was working in the Apple Store in Glasgow, Scotland when she got the call to cut her games journalism teeth as staff writer for Official PlayStation Magazine. She ventured South of the Wall for nine months and made her feelings about Batman and Assassin's Creed abundantly clear before retreating to Scotland again. From there she freelanced across OPM, OXM, GamesMaster Magazine, TechRadar and GamesRadar, and worked on the 2014 and 2015 Guinness World Records Gamer's Editions. Now Louise is back in England for good as GR+'s news lead and necessary antagonist to Leon Hurley in the weekly news show. She still feels the same way about Assassin's Creed and Batman. First Gaming Obsession: Earning that damn gem in Crash Bandicoot's Sunset Vista

Pro Tip: Nothing ever looks as bad on the other side of a nice coffee.

Follow Louise on Twitter: @Shiny_Demon

Dave Bradley: Group Editor-in-Chief, Total Film and SFX (UK)

On the Radar: Londoner Dave began writing for, and later editing, computer magazines in the 1990s, after studying medieval literature for some reason. A lifelong sci-fi fan, he moved to geek bible SFX in May 2005 when the long-running mag needed a new captain in the big chair. He rejoiced at his chance to combine those years of magazine know-how with his absurd love of Star Wars, Star Trek and the novels of Douglas Adams. He's been to San Diego Comic-Con many times but does not cosplay, unless "hungover British journalist" is an accepted costume.

Desert island movie: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). Of course.

Follow Dave on Twitter: @SFXDaveB

Thomas Darnell: Video Producer (US)

On the Radar:Thomas has been everything from a PE Teacher to a Locksmith but his passion has always been video production. After attempting to be an aspiring filmmaker he decided to get a real job and make videos about videogames on the Internet. He spent a little time making videos for the duders over at Giantbomb and Tested, took a little break to be a stay at home dad (played a lot of MMOs), then found his way to GamesRadar+.

First Gaming Obsession: Super Street Fighter II

Pro Tip: If you bind everything to your mouse, you can play WOW and hold your infant son at the same time

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @Thodar

Andy Hartup: Executive Editor (UK)

On the Radar: Andy has been looking after the UK team since 2013. Mainly by drinking tea (or gin, depending on the time of day) and answering a constant barrage of emails. When he's not in meetings, Andy likes to relax by dominating his enemies in Destiny and slavishly collecting every weapon in the game. He also - on occasions - sleeps and eats.

First gaming obsession: Sid Meier’s Civilization

Pro tip: Remember: Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday

Follow Andy on Twitter: @andyhartup

David Houghton: Features Editor (UK)

First Gaming Obsession: Harrier Attack (Spectrum +2)

Pro Tip: Cthulhu is coming. Look busy.

Follow David on Twitter: @David_H_Esq

Leon Hurley: Executive News Editor (UK)

On the Radar: In former lives Leon's been a scientist, a musician and teacher, stints that included a shoe full of liquid nitrogen, a small tour of Germany and oh GOD so much marking. Somehow that led to a staff writer position on Official PlayStation Magazine before running its website, co-starting Kotaku UK and, now, a slightly bigger chair at GR+ (this isn't even my final form, etc). Outside of GamesRadar duties Leon is mostly swearing at unclosed brackets in Game Maker.

First gaming obsession: Soul Reaver

Pro tip: Always close your brackets.

Follow Leon on Twitter: @leonhurley

Ludwig Kietzmann: US Editor in Chief

First Gaming Obsession: The Secret of Monkey Island

Pro Tip: Use the vacuum cleaner on the bat.

Follow Ludwig on Twitter: LudwigK

Daniella Lucas: Content Manager (UK)

On the Radar: Once hailing from a land of ye olde print magazines, Dani is a little confused about working in a web-based world free of papercuts. To ease the transition she's bringing all the great Future gaming and film mags content with her to Radar's channels. When she's not trying to fold the computer screens and team members together to make 'pages', Dani enjoys obsessing over Final Fantasy, Pokemon and any other RPG that needs countless hours to complete.

First gaming obsession: RollerCoaster Tycoon

Pro-tip: Roll a Tank if you want to cut queues – you can always soak up the damage if someone tries to punch you in the supermarket.

Follow Daniella on Twitter: @daniellamlucas

Maxwell McGee: Editor (US)

On the Radar: Maxwell was born and raised on a lazy creekbank deep in the American South. His days there were spent searching for snakes out in the woods (a dangerous habit) and playing his Sega Genesis. After graduating college, Max crowbarred his way into an internship with GamesRadar+'s sister site, PC Gamer, back in 2009. He then spent nearly four years at GameSpot traveling the world and working his dream job. Now that dream continues back at GamesRadar+. He also loves fighting games.

First Gaming Obsession: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)

Pro Tip: A shark on whisky is mighty risky.

Follow Maxwell on Twitter: @MaxwellMcGee

Lauren O'Callaghan: Entertainment Editor (UK)

Desert island movie: Back to the Future

Follow Lauren on Twitter: @LaurenHollyOC

Sam Prell: News Editor (US)

On the Radar: Sam is an Iowa farm kid and son to a 600-pound benchpressing father and marathon-running mother. So now, he still isn't really sure how he got into this business. It started as a hobby, writing game reviews in the local college newspaper. That led to an internship with G4, freelancing for Destructoid, a stint at Penny Arcade, weekending at Joystiq, and now a full-time news editor for GamesRadar. He prides himself on being a well-rounded nerd, indulging in not just video games but tabletop RPGs, board and card games, comics and movies. He could also tell you a lot about Warcraft.

First Gaming Obsession: Sonic & Knuckles

Pro-Tip: Never give up! Never /surrender!

Follow Sam on Twitter: @SamPrell

Ashley Reed: Associate Editor (US)

On the Radar:Raised in the dark, dangerous wilds of the northern forests (commonly known as Oregon),Ashleyhas taken well to GamesRadar+'s base of operations in California and is slowly figuring out what the sun is. First exposed to video games while watching her father play Doom (before being told it was too violent), she has been playing them ever since and recently loaned him BioShock. After graduating from the University of Oregon, she put her B.A. in English and Psychology to work doing what she really wanted: writing about video games, which GamesRadar+ was kind enough to oblige. When she's not gaming, she enjoys accidentally marathoning television shows, losing at basketball, and sleeping at inopportune moments.

First Gaming Obsession: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Pro-Tip: Always double tap.

Follow Ashley on Twitter: @ashsmashreed

David Roberts: Staff Writer (US)

On the Radar: After living in Phoenix for nearly 30 years and spending way too long to finally earn his BA in English at Arizona State University, David (also referred to by his coworkers as 'the other David') decided it was time for a slight change of pace and moved his family up to the Pacific Northwest. While he now avoids the outdoors for an entirely different reason, he educates his kids on the wonders of Nintendo, obsesses over his Criterion and amiibo collections, and writes words about video toys for you fine folks. He worries that some day he's going to wake up and find that he's been actually been daydreaming at his boring telemarketing job this whole time and none of this is actually real.

First Gaming Obsession: Super Mario Bros.

Pro Tip: Don't start collecting anything with a number on it. You might as well kiss your wallet goodbye.

Follow David on Twitter: @davidrobots

Connor Sheridan: News Editor (US)

On the Radar: Connor Sheridan grew up watching his brother play Super Nintendo and N64 games, but he still hasn't gotten into watching other people stream. Maybe it's because he can't shove them at inopportune moments, prompting a fight that inevitably ends with his head slammed into the side of the couch. He later attended Central Michigan University, where he worked as an editor of student newspaper Central Michigan Life and earned a BA in Online Journalism, and interned at GameSpot. A week after that he was recruited for a news writing gig at GamesRadar, where he's remained ever since (aside from a year-long dalliance with CVG).

First gaming obsession: Sam & Max Hit the Road

ProTip: If your dungeon master asks, "Are you sure you want to do that?", you say "NO". Or at least have a new character ready.

Follow Connor on Twitter: @c_sheridan

Anthony Snyder: Associate Video Producer (US)

On the Radar:Anthony's first video game console was the Sega Genesis and he loved every game on it(except for The Lion King, I mean he really hated that game). He took a break from playing video games and went to work for a game company (Atari). He then shuffled around a few more MMO game companies and even ventured into the world of broadcast radio.Now he's back in the gaming space and better than ever. He currently has over 70 PS4 games and has not beat half of them. He keeps saying he needs more hard drive space.

First Gaming Obsession: Streets of Rage 2

Pro Tip: Don't play Super Puzzle Fighter if you are Yellow-Green color blind.

Follow Anthony on Twitter: @agdsnyder

Lucas Sullivan: Editor (US)

On the Radar: When Lucas was 10, he got his first console for Christmas, the almighty Super Nintendo - and his parents worried that he would play until he passed out due to lack of sleep and/or food. This was but one chapter in Lucas' lifelong passion for all things gaming. Having grown up reading stacks upon stacks of gaming magazines, Lucas decided that he would combine his knack for writing and his love of video games by going into journalism. After nabbing a BA in Journalism from Rutgers University and interning at PC Gamer, he joined the talented crew at GamesRadar+ to live out his lifelong dream.

First Gaming Obsession: Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

Pro Tip: Chain-spamming flatland tricks is the key to high scores in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

Follow Lucas on Twitter: @Ljrepresent

Sophia Tong: Global Editor in Chief (US)

First Gaming Obsession: Beast (ASCII game on the PC)

Pro Tip: Mudding (multi-user dungeon) is dangerous. Don’t do it.

Follow Sophia on Twitter: @sophiatong

Justin Towell: Reviews Editor (UK)

On the Radar: Justin's been on the UK GamesRadar+ team since early 2006, back when all this was just fields. Before that, he worked for regional weekly newspaper The Somerset County Gazette, reviewing games whenever he could, even though he only ever got sent 2D fighting games from SNK. Oh, and Viewtiful Joe. That was a good day. He earned a degree in multimedia journalism at Bournemouth, but only recalls taking pictures of squirrels in the park and gambling Lovehearts and chocolate bars on the results of house tournaments on PES 2.

First Gaming Obsession: Treasure Island Dizzy (ZX Spectrum+)

Pro Tip: Run home behind a taxi and save a tenner.

Follow Justin on Twitter: @CatGoneCrazy

Lorenzo Veloria: Editor (US)

First Gaming Obsession: Contra (NES)

Pro Tip: Ignore the scowl. Just bring a sandwich, a beverage brewed with hops, and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and everything will be all right.

Follow Lorenzo on Twitter: @LVeloria

Iain Wilson: Guides Editor (UK)

First Gaming Obsession: Sensible World of Soccer (Amiga)

Pro Tip: Don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia.[citation needed]

Follow Iain on Twitter: @wilbossman


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