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Louise Blain: News Lead

Currently playing...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - It’s my first Zelda game and I can’t see myself playing anything else ever again.

Who am I? My games writing career kicked off with a move from my native Scotland for a stint as Official PlayStation Magazine’s staff writer back in 2012. Since then I’ve freelanced for OPM, OXM, TechRadar and the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition before landing in the well positioned haycart that is GR+. For bonus words, you can also find me in SFX, T3 and GamesMaster. And yes, I still miss Scottish cuisine but the gin’s available in England.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Previously news lead working across video and the site, I now specialise in tech and hardware for GR+ and can often be found wearing a VR headset and trying not to trip over my coffee table. Don’t worry though, I’m still the site’s resident Assassin. 

Follow me on Twitter: @Shiny_Demon

Zoe Delahunty-Light: Online Editorial Graduate

Currently playing...

Prey - I've gone full Typhon and am currently exploring every inch of Talos-1, digging up all the staff's personal stories and hunting down corpses. In a non-creepy way. Promise.

Who am I? Beginning a video game column in the University of Leeds' paper catapulted me into getting my dream job as GR's Online Editorial Graduate. Writing for Official PlayStation Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, GamesMaster, and GamesTM in my spare time, I’m currently beavering away at features, videos, and previews for GR. Occasionally I'll hibernate and do behemoth coverage of a new release like Horizon Zero Dawn or Prey. While also hoping an open-world mermaid RPG comes along soon. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I mainly write RPG features or populate the site with completely necessary decapitation gifs. As well managing GR's Facebook and Twitter channels (send any sweet memes my way), I spend my time doing voice-overs for videos and trying not to cringe too much at my accent. It's difficult.

Follow Zoe on Twitter: @zoe_dels

Iain Wilson: Guides Editor

Currently playing...

FIFA 17 online - regularly bouncing between unbridled joy in victory and paralysing fury in defeat.

Who am I? I joined Future in 2012 to write tips and guides for CVG, before moving on to join the GR+ team. I’m known to many as ‘Mr Trophy’ due to my slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting intangible PlayStation silverware, and I now have over 80 Platinum pots in my virtual award cabinet. I do not care for Xbox Achievements.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after the guides on GamesRadar+, so spend most of my time either searching gaming’s darkened corners for those final elusive collectibles, or coming up with advice to help you git gud.

Follow Iain on Twitter: @Wilbossman

Leon Hurley: Executive News Editor

Currently playing...

Finishing off Prey’s sides quests and staring boggle eyed at whatever American Gods is going to do next.

Who am I? After mixed career path of scientist, teacher and musician I ended up landing a job on Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. After working my way up the ranks there and eventually running the website, I helped launch and run Kotaku UK before joining GamesRadar+ to do news and tea. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I run the news channel, so finding stories and angles, getting people to write them and making loads of tea. I’m really not joking about the tea.

Follow Leon on Twitter: @leonhurley

Lauren O'Callaghan: Entertainment Editor

Currently watching...

Doctor Who - this season has definitely upped its game. Bill forever!

Who am I? I’ve worked for various big name magazines in the past, from Marie Claire to NME, but it wasn’t until I became Entertainment Editor at GamesRadar+ that I got to work closely with my passion: movies and TV. I oversaw the development of GR+’s entertainment coverage after it merged with Total Film and SFX magazine, and occasionally appear on Sky talking about Star Wars.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after all the movie and TV coverage on GR+ (as well as Total Film and SFX’s social channels) and occasional find time to write about Star Wars, and educate others on the intricacies of the MCU.

Follow Lauren on Twitter: @LaurenHollyOC

Sam Prell: News Editor (US)

On the Radar: Sam is an Iowa farm kid and son to a 600-pound benchpressing father and marathon-running mother. So now, he still isn't really sure how he got into this business. It started as a hobby, writing game reviews in the local college newspaper. That led to an internship with G4, freelancing for Destructoid, a stint at Penny Arcade, weekending at Joystiq, and now a full-time news editor for GamesRadar. He prides himself on being a well-rounded nerd, indulging in not just video games but tabletop RPGs, board and card games, comics and movies. He could also tell you a lot about Warcraft.

First Gaming Obsession: Sonic & Knuckles

Pro-Tip: Never give up! Never /surrender!

Follow Sam on Twitter: @SamPrell

David Roberts: Staff Writer (US)

On the Radar: After living in Phoenix for nearly 30 years and spending way too long to finally earn his BA in English at Arizona State University, David (also referred to by his coworkers as 'the other David') decided it was time for a slight change of pace and moved his family up to the Pacific Northwest. While he now avoids the outdoors for an entirely different reason, he educates his kids on the wonders of Nintendo, obsesses over his Criterion and amiibo collections, and writes words about video toys for you fine folks. He worries that some day he's going to wake up and find that he's been actually been daydreaming at his boring telemarketing job this whole time and none of this is actually real.

First Gaming Obsession: Super Mario Bros.

Pro Tip: Don't start collecting anything with a number on it. You might as well kiss your wallet goodbye.

Follow David on Twitter: @davidrobots

Connor Sheridan: News Editor (US)

On the Radar: Connor Sheridan grew up watching his brother play Super Nintendo and N64 games, but he still hasn't gotten into watching other people stream. Maybe it's because he can't shove them at inopportune moments, prompting a fight that inevitably ends with his head slammed into the side of the couch. He later attended Central Michigan University, where he worked as an editor of student newspaper Central Michigan Life and earned a BA in Online Journalism, and interned at GameSpot. A week after that he was recruited for a news writing gig at GamesRadar, where he's remained ever since (aside from a year-long dalliance with CVG).

First gaming obsession: Sam & Max Hit the Road

ProTip: If your dungeon master asks, "Are you sure you want to do that?", you say "NO". Or at least have a new character ready.

Follow Connor on Twitter: @c_sheridan

Lucas Sullivan: Editor (US)

On the Radar: When Lucas was 10, he got his first console for Christmas, the almighty Super Nintendo - and his parents worried that he would play until he passed out due to lack of sleep and/or food. This was but one chapter in Lucas' lifelong passion for all things gaming. Having grown up reading stacks upon stacks of gaming magazines, Lucas decided that he would combine his knack for writing and his love of video games by going into journalism. After nabbing a BA in Journalism from Rutgers University and interning at PC Gamer, he joined the talented crew at GamesRadar+ to live out his lifelong dream.

First Gaming Obsession: Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

Pro Tip: Chain-spamming flatland tricks is the key to high scores in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

Follow Lucas on Twitter: @Ljrepresent

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