50 Disney references in Epic Mickey

Mickey’s aided throughout the game by Gus and other creatures based off of The Gremlins, an unproduced film collaboration between Disney and author Roald Dahl that dates all the way back to WWII

The cutscenes in the game are produced in the style of Mary Blair, an instrumental Disney concept illustrator and art supervisor

From “Mickey and the Beanstalk,” originally shown as part of the feature film Fun and Fancy Free in 1947

This is obviously based on Disneyland’s Dumbo ride, however, the individual compartments appear to reference the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence from Dumbo’s drunken hallucination. Fun Fact: That’s how the original park ride was designed too, until Walt ordered they be painted to look more like the actual Dumbo

Just like in the Disney parks, you’ll find character topiary art in Epic Mickey. Clearly the process has become far more refined

Dumbo’s got one too

How could you make a game based on Disneyland and not include the teacups?!

This facade is obviously inspired by the world famous “It’s a Small World” attraction

And the pink hippo from inside the ride appears here, albeit a bit spookier

Pete is dressed as a little Dutch lass

It appears the kid aren’t alright