50 Cent Bulletproof

Set on the dark and dangerous film noir influenced streets of NYC it tracks the fortunes of 50 as a Noo Yoik hustler who gets entangled in an international conspiracy.

As a result he'll have to seriously shake up, or (more to the point) shoot, his way through the city's crime families. This won't be a GTA romp-a-thon but a game with a story that will drive you through the game.

Expect a far more linear, narrative-driven structure with some pretty awesome set pieces.

A hustler doesn't own the streets alone of course. 50 will come across various different crews including gangbangers, bikers, the Italian mob and Latinos who'll fight both with and against you as the story unfolds.

And of course your own G-Unit. But mates and tattoos don't cut the mustard alone. Emerson filled us in...

"The arsenal is gigantic. We've got everything from nine millies to Macs to AK's to grenade launchers. There are over 20 heaters in the game."

You may be packing more heat than the sun but Andre insists that there's more to it than blasting away. "The game mechanic diversity is crazy. We've got extremely brutal counter-kills, silent kills, human shields, mobile cover objects that allow you to run or crush enemies with a dumpster for instance."

Any particular favourite moves? "Body jacking," he say. "You can steal everything from fallen enemies, from wallets to chains, and from passports to credit cards."

Combining 50's darkly humorous lyrics with an outrageous take on the gangster lifestyle makes for what looks like some truly sensational action.

We've seen 50 using enemies' bodies as shields, leaping across furniture while firing, dual-wielding automatic weapons and when all else is up, taking out a goon by throwing a pistol at his face - made all the cooler with slick, stylised animation.

The city might not be laid open for you but this crime caper will take in a broad cross-section of New York - from subways to mansions, junkyards to offices, it seems badass crime rots every part of the Big Apple to the core.

Each gang has its own hangouts of course, and in those areas you'll come across different levels of enemies with a hierarchy that takes in foot soldiers, generals and leaders, with seniority seemingly reflected in height and gut size.

Saving the world in your own unique thug way takes a bit more than whacking fatty though. On the streets you'll have to interact with pawnbrokers, weapon dealers, informants, shady doctors and music bootleggers.

If you need a little R&R before your next blood-soaked killing spree you can chill in your crib listening to 50 music and watching honey-filled videos. And of course, being a P.I.M.P. there'll be a few hip-hop honeyz, all too keen to 'interact' with you. And have sex too, we'd wager.

You can also impress the fly ladies in your local 'hood and let your inner 50 run riot by using the 'lab'.

Here you can mix beats with 50 and G-Unit freestyle lyrics to create phat joints without having to wear a baseball cap at a jaunty angle or buy baggy pants with the surface area of the Millennium Dome's roof.

50 Cent Bulletproof tells a story that's about as far removed from British culture as you can get. But let's face it: a game about getting pissed on Stella before pathetically attempting to trade blows with some other mashed up idiot/your best mate/a traffic light doesn't exactly inspire.

If we're more than happy laying the smack down with a bit of Kung Fu in ancient China or imagining ourselves as a futuristic space marine fighting aliens, it's fair to say that hip-hop gangsters provide an equally valid base for grounding a combat fantasy game in.

And we're reassured that they're exploiting the resources at their disposal - maximising the support of some of the world's few bona fide superstars, getting a decent writer in and committing themselves to a Daily Mail-bating orgy of bloodshed.

50 Cent may have rolled the dice on making this game, but despite giving us a glimpse, Genuine Games are keeping their cards all too close to their chest right now.

Will this be the dopest game dropped this decade or a cash-in dropped for dopes? We'll be the first to let you know once Vivendi show their hand.

More very, very soon...

50 Cent Bulletproof will be available for PS2, Xbox and PSP this autumn