5 reasons to hate Final Fantasy

Big swords, bigger hair and plenty of hate for the endless RPG series

Few videogame franchises have as rabid a fanbase as Final Fantasy. Stretching all the way back to the series%26rsquo; NES debut, the intense love FF fans have shown the series has made its title increasingly oxymoronic over the years. But you know what? We%26rsquo;re not here to love your favorite game. And as 2010%26rsquo;s Week of Hate officially draws to a close, we offer%26hellip;

1. Giant novelty swords, hair

After Final Fantasy VII, the series became the standard-bearer for ridiculous weapons andfantastically stupidhair. What started with Cloud%26rsquo;s ginormous Buster Sword and emo spike-top would later give us such laughable implements of destruction as Squall%26rsquo;s Gunblade, Lulu%26rsquo;s stuffed-animal sidekicks (and belts masquerading as a dress), the folding weapons of FFXIIIand whatever that bluething is that Tidus fights with.That's to saynothing ofWakka's towering red cowlick or Kuja'sshaggy blue plumage. Does all that stuffmake Final Fantasy%26rsquo;s designs memorable? Yes. But it also makes them impossible to be taken seriously by grown humans.

Breathtakingly accurate art by Tyler Wilde


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