10 reasons why Killer 7 will melt your brain

At one time, the curiously-titled Killer 7 was a hot property in the video game world. New trailers created either curiosity or excitement in gamers and journalists wondered loudly whether we were about to see the world’s first post-modern game, one that would infuse life in the shooter genre and exist purely as “art” because of its bizarre cel-shaded graphics. Maybe they wondered a little too loudly ‘cause once the game hit retail, the review scores were low - mainly due to the control scheme - one that was well-covered in magazines and Internet previews months before release. In any case, those who actually played through the game were rewarded with an interesting if bizarre adventure, suitable for any anime.

1) The plot is insane

The Killer 7 - a team of lethal assassins lead by a wheelchair-bound old man called Harman - are hired to kill a terrorist called Kun Lan. The trouble is, the seven might be imaginary personalities, created by Harman. Later Garcian - Harman’s second-in-command - is revealed as the reincarnation of a schoolboy who offed the real Killer 7 years ago before taking his own life. Don’t ask. Then there’s the bit about an illegal trade in organs, a cult leader with acidic blood and a conspiracy to use the Japanese school system to control the US presidential elections. And you thought Lost was complicated…

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  • Burn - November 11, 2008 6:02 a.m.

    I got 'Killer 7' at release and quickly gave up on it, but after finishing 'No More Heroes' - I'm all for picking it up again :]

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