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Virtually Dead's zombie VR experience adds extra tickets (we've tried it and it's brilliant)

In what was definitely not a normal Wednesday, yesterday Leon and I took a quest to a secret East end location in London and stood under a bridge with some fellow fools. We were collected by a military vehicle and taken to a 'secret training facility' where we experienced Virtually Dead, a unique combination of HTC Vive and live theatre. And before you ask, yes there was blood.

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I don't want to spoil too much of the experience, and we'll cover more in a full review very soon, but crawling through small spaces and tunnels and being hunted by live actors is suitably unnerving. Zombies hungry for both brains and Blains. As both a horror nerd and complete chicken when it comes to things like this in real life, it was rather intense but bloody brilliant.

The Vive itself, showing off, you guessed it, a zombie shooter, is seamlessly worked into the experience and given the stress of the rest of it, I found popping undead noggins to be the most relaxing part of the whole experience. It was when I was back in reality that the real scares hit again.

The event is currently sold out with a waiting list for it's March 19 to April 3 run, but 500 more Virtually Dead tickets will go on sale here at 3pm GMT. Be brave, soldier.

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