Zelda: Ocarina of Stupidity

Oh yes, just in time for Zelda: Ocarina of Time%26rsquo;smomentous rerelease this week, our buddy theswitcher is back with another piece of timely animated stupidity. Oh%26hellip; poor, poor Link and Zelda. Hell, poor Ganon! This moronic weekly portion of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, brought to you by the bumbling gang of jackholes who gave the world Inspector Gadget and Captain N: The Game Master, is probably the worst thing to ever befall the land of Hyrule.

To call the animated depictions of Nintendo%26rsquo;s proud and timeless characters disrespectful is putting it lightly. The normally speechless Link was portrayed as a horny teenager with the dignified cadence of a Morning Zoo radio host, while the goodly Princess Zelda was demoted to Ice Queen. If you simply must watch this cartoon trainwreck, it%26rsquo;s highly recommended you do so via our video above. It trims the asinine fat, making a surprisingly pleasant eight minute chunk of laughable cringe.

Jun 23, 2011

Two titanic franchises collide and the fate of two idiotic, animated worlds hangs in the dumbass balance

One of the greatest games of all time, now even greater-er