You're going to want this retro-themed Nintendo 3DS XL real bad

Prepare for your nostalgia gland to explode all over the screen. Not content with serving up the SNES Classic/Mini, Nintendo is now offering a New Nintendo 3DS XL with a retro SNES skin. You can only buy it through Amazon (at least until savvy scalpers get their hands on them), and it'll be released on November 27. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Pre-order here in the US and here in the UK

Sure, you'll be paying a premium for the vintage looks - but who can put a price on your childhood memories? (Amazon can, and it's around an extra $50.) 

Hopefully this handheld won't break hearts the way the limited SNES Classic supplies did, just like its predecessor the NES Classic. Those miniature memory machines sold out almost instantly, and while Nintendo is promising more SNES Classics before the holidays, Santa might have a tough time actually getting hold of one. 

If you're a legitimate young person or happy to settle for a less vintage looking New Nintendo 3DS XL, check out the best deals below.

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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