You really need to watch the fan-made Star Wars short Kara

"Kara" | (2016) (An Unofficial Star Wars Film) from Joe Sill on Vimeo.

There's nothing quite like fan-made art, and there's nothing quite like Star Wars fans, so it's unsurprising that some of the best creative homages around come from the same community. From hilarious The Force Awakens trailers, to crazy character theories, Star Wars fans know what they love and they know how to make it better.

The same is true of short Kara, which has appeared online from director (and Force fan) Joe Sill. If you thought Episode VII struck the perfect balance between joyous nostalgia and heart-breaking story, you should see what this guy can do in just over 7 minutes. And in perfect keeping with The Force Awakens too!

The short follows a young Force-sensitive women called Kara and her father, who come across downed X-Wing pilot Athena on their way to a Rebel base. When Stormtroopers come after them, they must fight for their lives. Full of mystery, action and tears, it's an addition to the franchise JJ Abrams would be proud of, and with the next Star Wars movie still months away, the perfect balm to our Star Wars withdrawal.

Lauren O'Callaghan

Lauren O'Callaghan is the former Entertainment Editor of GamesRadar+. You'd typically find Lauren writing features and reviews about the latest and greatest in pop culture and entertainment, and assisting the teams at Total Film and SFX to bring their excellent content onto GamesRadar+. Lauren is now the digital marketing manager at the National Trust.