Yeesh, these Sniper Elite 4 kills put Mortal Kombat Fatalities to shame

The Sniper Elite games know their gore, and Sniper Elite 4 looks to be the squickiest, goriest, most-covered-in-viscera one yet. At least, that's the impression I get from a new gameplay trailer that developer Rebellion released today. I'd warn you not to watch if you have a weak stomach, but I feel like at this point you probably know if the violence in these games is for you:

Good lord that is a lot of blood and guts. I don't think I've seen so many bones shattered and organs punctured since I last played Mortal Kombat. And while MK games wrap their violence up in fantasy shenanigans, this is meant to reflect real world events. I'm not complaining mind you - the X-ray killcam is one of the Sniper Elite series' defining traits, right up there with pre-order bonus missions that let you kill Hitler (which this trailer also teases).

All's right in the world of Sniper Elite.

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Sam Prell

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