XIII remake retains much of the same gameplay, but has a very different look

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 The remake of XIII is here, and fans are taking to the internet to make comparisons between the original and the new edition. Perhaps most notable is the shift in art direction, which takes the comic book style of the original and changes it to something a bit smoother, but distinctly different. 

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With a whole seventeen years between the remake and the original, a change in graphics is probably to be expected. However, some fans don't seem to be completely happy with the way that the game tweaked its aesthetic. While the remake does retain a small amount of cel-shading, fans took to the internet suggesting that the end result drew comparisons to Fortnite.

The new version of the game doesn't entirely forgets its roots. In fact, the game starts off with its original intro, although this time it's being watched by a character on a projection screen.

The comic book style is directly tied to the game's origin. XIII is an FPS based on a Belgian graphic novel series with the same name. It was originally released in 2003 for PC and then current-gen consoles. The game itself revolves around a man fittingly known as XIII who awakes on a New York City beach with amnesia, only knowing that he was shot while trying to get away from a boat. Players can now look forward to enjoying the remake in full and checking out the changes for themselves.

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