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Xbox Series X quick resume gets a speed boost in May update

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox)

The May Xbox update includes some speed and usability boosts for the quick resume feature available on Xbox Series X.

Players have been able to suspend and resume games on the new-gen Xbox consoles since launch, but this update improves the speed and reliability of the resume process and also adds the option to group suspended titles through a new games and apps tag. Speed boosts are always welcomed, but the quick resume grouping will likely save players more time overall by greatly streamlining the once-finicky process of finding that game you paused – or indeed those games, since you can have multiple suspended.

This quick resume update rolled out alongside a mix of other new features, such as a new audio passthrough option that really lets you flex your external sound system. And the Xbox Game Pass library has gotten a usability upgrade of its own: you can now play trailers for Game Pass games when you select them, effectively removing a step from the familiar process of checking out what Game Pass title to try next, such as the many Dragon Quest games that could be coming to the service soon. 

A new dynamic background, more refined parental controls for multiplayer games, and some new bells and whistles for the Xbox mobile app rounded out this month's changes. You can read the full patch notes for the May update on the Xbox newswire (opens in new tab)

If you're still struggling with the Xbox Series X supply situation, you're in good company: Xbox head of gaming services Ben Decker also "wishes we had more supply." 

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