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Xbox Series X backwards compatible games will "look and play better"

Xbox Series X preview
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The library for the Xbox Series X and S is only getting bigger, and the classic titles are going to look better than ever

Jason Ronald, director of program management at Team Xbox, took to Twitter to formally announce that all Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games currently available on the Xbox One will be available for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at launch. According to Ronald, these games will also "look and play better" on the new consoles, which have been boasting strong graphic and sound capabilities ahead of their release.

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There are some exceptions, however. Ronald stated that a handful of Xbox games that require the Kinect will not be available to play. 

Ronald stated in the tweet that over 500,000 hours of testing went into this addition. This accentuates the wide range of backwards compatibility for the new console, which has been highly anticipated by Microsoft fans, and also puts it in direct competition with the upcoming PlayStation 5, which has been stated to only have compatibility with its immediate predecessor, the PlayStation 4. This vast library of Xbox games will only add to the selection that will be available to players with the Xbox Game Pass catalog. 

The Xbox Series X release date (opens in new tab), as well as that of its smaller counterpart the Xbox Series S, is November 10, when all of the previous titles mentioned available to players. 

The games may be staying, but the Xbox Series X is going to be a whole new world. See our look into how the Microsoft consoles stack up. 

Kai Delmare

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